Vintage Luxury Fashion in the Age of Social Media

Vintage luxury fashion in the digital age might seem like odd bedfellows yet there is no option but to share. Fashion stylist Niamh O'Dwyer examines the dynamics between these two competing concepts.

New Exhibitions – Giorgio Armani and Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani start the new decade by delving into fashion's illustrious histories for two major new exhibitions coming our way very soon.

Roses – Alexander McQueen Exhibition

Alexander McQueen is now one of the great British fashion houses and their new exhibition, Roses, tells just one of the stories that has cemented their place in history.

5D – The History of Diesel

Diesel celebrates its forty-years in fashion with a new heavyweight retrospective book that looks at the rise of one of fashion's most irreverent denim wear companies.

A Night in Shanghai – Saint Laurent SELF 05

Saint Laurent's innovative SELF art project continues with a new filmed instalment by Chinese director Wong Kar Wai and Hong Kong fashion photographer and filmmaker Wing Shya.

The Dior Sessions – Kim Jones & Nikolai Von Bismarck

Dior's Kim Jones is the subject of a new collection of stunning photographs by photographer Nikolai Von Bismarck in the book, The Dior Sessions.

Let Girls Dream – Gucci + Chime For Change

Gucci's CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign launches a new initiative to tackle the problem of enforced child marriages around the world with a simple slogan: Let Girls Dream.

Desire – Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe by Lloyd Ziff

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe were a young couple surrounding by artistry and creativity like few others. Legendary photographer and art director Lloyd Ziff captured that dynamic on film in his new book, Desire.

Blue Enough – by Russell Higton and Liz Daxauer

Photographer Russell Higton and MUA Liz Daxauer take a leaf out of the Miles Davis book for a new beauty shoot shoot that's a Kind of Blue.

Polaroids of Women – by Dewey Nicks

Capturing those off-guard moments on camera usually makes the best pictures. It was a scenario the Polaroid camera was invented for and photographer Dewey Nicks takes us inside his personal archive for his book, Polaroids of Women.

The Linda McCartney Retrospective

Linda McCartney was not just the wife of Paul and the mother of Stella and Mary. She was also a highly talented and prolific photographer. A new long-running exhibition in Glasgow aims to re-introduce the public to this important and sometimes forgotten side of her life.

Movement Studies – by Denis Gladkov and Maxim Sevagin

Russian ballet dancer and soloist Maxim Sevagin and photographer Denis Gladkov present a beautiful study on dance, both as an art form in itself and as a exploration of the relationship between subject and camera.

The Legend – Debbie Harry by Michel Haddi

French fashion photographer Michel Haddi talks to André Howard Gayle about his career behind the camera, his hopes for the future and his extraordinary new book of photographs of his friend and music legend, Debbie Harry.

Sustainable pt VII – Prada Re-Nylon Bags

Prada's new bag range, Re-Nylon, sets the contemporary fashion house firmly on the road to using only 100% re-cycled nylon in their production by 2021. THE FALL takes a look at this new beginning.

We Want Quant – Mary Quant V&A Exhibition

Mary Quant was one of London's most iconic young designers in the 60s and 70s. A new retrospective at London's V&A Museum shows a new generation why.

Jackie – The Style of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Jackie Kennedy passed 25 years ago this year. THE FALL examines why she became the icon loved by so many around the world.

The Artist – Basquiat by Richard Corman

THE FALL editor-in-chief talks to legendary portrait photographer Richard Corman for the release of his new book about the day he shot Basquiat when they were both young and hungry artists just about to make their names in the world.

The Arrangement – SELF03 by Bret Easton Ellis & Anthony Vaccarello

Saint Laurent creative head Anthony Vaccarello enlists one of the greats of American literature, Bret Easton Ellis, for the third part of his personal art project, SELF.