19th October 2022

Swarovski – Open the Wonder

Michael Meir-Wright is in wonder at the new campaign starring Bella Hadid

As the major fashion weeks recede into fond memory, attentions turn to the forthcoming yuletide season.   While the political and economic landscape might give one pause, Swarovski are offering an escape from a bleak midwinter with their latest holiday campaign.  Open the Wonder heralds the return of catwalk icon, social media darling and brand ambassador Bella Hadid, fresh from her startling appearance at the denouement of the Coperni show at Paris Fashion Week.  The imagery, from the lenses of the acclaimed photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, invite audiences to visit an oversized world of crystals and colour, with Hadid as the enchanting and sensual guide.

Tchaikovsky’s opera-ballet The Nutcracker serves as a touchstone to permeate the visuals. The crystalline melody on the accompanying soundtrack recalls the celebrated Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, a tale synonymous with Christmas.  Hadid takes on the role inspired by the titular nymph with the playful dynamism, emerging like a toy ballerina from a giant pink music (ring) box.  Full of wonder, she explores the diamond and zirconia jewellery replete with rhodium plated stars and opulent snowflakes, before lounging on a luxurious octagonal bed strewn with precious gems.

Even Swarovski’s arresting colour palette has been reconceptualised with festive meaning.   Golden tones evoke warm twinkling tree lights on a December evening, deep green accents bring to mind Norway Spruces and vivid pinks summon memories of candy canes.  And all the while, glittering jewels conjure thoughts of icicles in the world’s most fashionable grotto.  This is the holiday fantasy we watch on our televisions Christmas morning.

As that time approaches and the nights become longer, Swarovski and Bella Hadid combine to offer us a captivating escape from trying and uncertain times into a world of beguiling elegance and luxury.


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