26th October 2022

Travels in Art

There's an art to destination travel

Have you just returned from a trip?  Are you already thinking about your next vacation?  Know that you’re not alone.  The number of people taking flights is anticipated to reach four billion in 2024.  Preparing for a general holiday can be more challenging than some might assume.  But, what if you wanted the focus of your holiday to be on something you’re interested in, such as art?

Numerous countries around the world are homes to some of the most famous galleries and exhibitions culture has to offer – and each one an art lovers dream.  Understandably however, travelling to them can be a time-consuming and costly.  It’s the opportunity to create memories for a lifetime and immerse yourself in the art histories of your countries of choice that makes it all worthwhile.  If you want to make the most of visiting other countries for art vacations, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Decide On Places To Visit

First, decide where you want to go.  Create a list of the places you wish to travel to and how long you intend to say.  Seeing the list, you might find it easier to visit multiple places in one trip.  It could be inter-railing from city to city or finding affordable flights between countries.  This will help to keep travel costs down and leave more to be able to indulge your passion for art.  When you’ve decided on your destinations, you can start to organise the other aspects of your art-focused journeys.

Find The Right Accommodation

Of course, one crucial aspect of travelling is organising accommodation.  As well as the cost, consider the location from the art galleries and exhibits you intend to visit during your stay.  If everything you need is easily accessible by foot, it will reduce the need for transport.  For instance, if your travels look like they’re going to take you to view the rich history and culture of art in Malaysia, you might consider looking at PropertyGuru for accommodation.  The site boasts a vast selection of accommodation types, including The Hub SS2.  Utilise online resources to help you find places to stay, and ensure that you thoroughly read the reviews of former guests.  Look for common issues or complaints, and see if these are going to be deal breakers for you.

Choose The Right Time

One factor that could influence your choice of accommodation, and the countries you intend to visit, is the time of year you may want to go.  National and school holidays will be popular travel times.  This means the cost of accommodation and flights can skyrocket, as airlines and property managers know these are opportune times to maximise revenue.  Aside from public holidays, look to see if there are any art festivals or exhibitions scheduled in the countries you hope to visit.  If there are, consider planning your trip around the event.  Be mindful that accommodation and transport costs could be higher than usual, especially if the event is expected to be a popular.

Give Yourself Enough Time

When planning your visits, remember the time spent in each place.  If one country or city has multiple exhibitions, galleries and events you want to see, you’ll likely want to see them all.  How long you stay will give you a realistic idea of what you’ll be able to do and ensure you give yourself enough time to visit each one.  You don’t want to feel rushed or keeping an eye on the time as you look around.

Plan Out What To See

Ultimately, deciding what you want to see is essential when planning your journey into art.  Those are choices that will influence all other factors.  The countries you choose will be based on their art cultures.  The time of year will be influenced by when events are on, as will the availability and cost of flights and accommodation.  As you plan your trip, put all the exhibitions you want to see on a list, ranking them in order of priority.  Start with the must-sees and work your way down to the ones you wouldn’t be sad to miss if there was no time.

Immerse Yourself In The Experience

After deciding what art galleries and exhibitions to visit, selecting the countries, and booking transport and accommodation, the countdown to your journey can begin.  As you depart on your great adventure, remember to immerse yourself in the experience.  You’ll likely enjoy it more and notice things you might have missed.  It will likely fly by, so soak in every moment.  An art-orientated vacation will certainly be one to remember.

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