31st October 2017

Thurston Moore, Ecstatic Sundays

Photography by Ash Kingston | Styling by Gary Armstrong | Grooming Kota Suiza at Caren | Stylist's assistant Angelo Mitakos | Thanks to Murray Arthur and 63 Sun Studio

Being assured of your place as one of the most influential guitarists of your time in an era-defining band is one thing, but where does a creative spirit such as Thurston Moore’s land when such intensity stops being productive?

Recording solo records, mainly under the radar, low-key affairs for small labels more steeped in positivity than the gnarly Manhattanite post-punk/post- grunge lifespan of Sonic Youth; moving to England; and setting up Ecstatic Peace Library with his partner, Eva Prinz, resulting in one of the most interesting publishing ventures to come about in the age of the long-gestating “Is print dead?” discussion.

In the past year, Ecstatic Peace Library has released the history of London’s improvisers/free jazz scene in a collection entitled Musics, an illustrated autobiography by the sole surviving member of the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem and a magazine focusing on trans/LGBTQ/alternative lifestyles.

Main image: shirt by Maison Margiela. Above: shirt by Maison Margiela, from Selfridges. Sweater by Versace.

Where did the name Ecstatic Peace come from?
It’s from a line in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe.

What set you on the path from musician to publisher?
As Anaïs Nin said, ‘Artists are constantly becoming.’ All of our favourite artists are multidisciplinary.

How have your interests and goals changed over the years to encompass all the diverse activities you’re involved with?
They haven’t. I seek truth and joy.

All clothes Thurston’s own.

Does peace ever come or is the need to be creating always present?
There is peace in dynamism.

What is inspiring you right now? What do you think we should be talking about?
The universe and our connectedness.

What’s your most memorable fan experience?
Oscillations of the Arp 2600.

Sweater Maison Margiela.

What still excites you about touring?

Writing, publishing, performing, free jazz, contemporary art – are there any other boundaries you’d like to push/areas you’d like to tackle?
Exploring languages.

What’s in store next year?
Ayahuasca with Eva, magic mushrooms with Eva, guitar fire music for and with Eva, and marrying Eva, if she’ll agree to it…

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