8th February 2019

Can’t Say – Travis Scott + Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent continues its collaborative history with the world’s best recording artists with their first music video for rap God, Travis Scott

There are few collaborations in fashion, if any, that conjures up more excitement than Saint Laurent working with the kind of creative talent that Travis Scott brings to the table.  It’s a pairing that really made us sit up and take notice when it was first announced a few months ago.   Scott is not just a prolific rap Olympian, he’s also a visionary who thinks in more than just one dimension.  Take a look at any of his music videos and you’ll discover far more depth and artistry than just the stereotypical ‘booty girl’ clips so many other rappers still repeat single after single.  The raps to his songs also extend way beyond the staples of sex, money and drugs and his personal style leaves ‘ghetto fabulous’ way behind in favour of a much more cultured chic.

Travis Scott - Can’t Say. Produced by Saint Laurent and Anthony Vaccarello

One of the keys to Travis’ fashion evolution in recent years has been the keen cultural eye of Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello, himself a visionary and obvious trendsetter.  Proving that he’s prepared to break even newer ground at the helm of the legendary fashion house, Saint Laurent takes sole production credit on Travis’ latest video for his new single Can’t Say from the monsterous multi-platinum selling album, Astroworld.  All clothes seen in the clip are by Saint Laurent.  The video itself is directed by Nathalie Canguilhem, a fashion veteran who has also worked with artists such as Prince, Pharrell and Charlotte Gainsbourg in the past.

Travis Scott - Can’t Say. Produced by Saint Laurent and Anthony Vaccarello

Astroworld is nominated for three Grammys at the ceremony next Monday (11th Feb).  And if there was a new category for best dressed music video this year there could only ever be one winner.  Don’t believe us?  See for yourself:

Can’t Say is available to buy and download now.

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