4th December 2018

A New Self – Saint Laurent + Vanessa Beecroft

The second part of Saint Laurent's Self series sees new work by artist Vanessa Beecroft land at Art Basel in Miami

We all knew it was coming but that didn’t stop us being taken by surprise.  THE FALL recently reported on the first instalment of the SELF series by Anthony Vaccarello and Daido Moriyama for Saint Laurent that debuted at Paris Photo a few weeks ago.  And now, part two has just been unveiled at Art Basel in Miami to wildly appreciative crowds.

This time the focus is on the work of celebrated Italian performance artist Vanessa Beecroft.  A long-time multi-disciplinarian, Beecroft is known for her work in mediums like sculpture, paint, pencil, live performance and photography.  Here, it’s her unique eye through the lens Vaccarello has decided to concentrate on for his new collaboration.  Even just the scope of Vanessa’s work is singularly impressive, swinging as it does from live performances drawing attention to the genocide in Darfur to building the choreography for many of Kanye West’s music videos and fashion shows.  Yet again we clearly see the affinity Vaccarello has for creativity that not only spans genres but also industries.  Collaboration and immersing oneself in that creativity is obviously the lifeblood he uses to create the collections for Saint Laurent that may yet define his era as a golden one for the legendary fashion house.

For this new collaboration Art Basel Miami is being be treated to an entire wall of Beecroft’s spectacular photos from the Saint Laurent SS19 show in Paris, curated by the man himself.  If you’re travelling there, or lucky enough to live there, the wall will be on display until December 15th at the Museum Garage and Paradise Plaza.  No word on where or when part three of  Saint Laurent’s SELF series will be revealed, nor in collaboration with whom, but it’s obvious we should all be bracing ourselves to be pleasantly surprised again in the not too distant future.

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