9th April 2021

United Colors of Benetton + Ghali

Latisha Fleckenstein looks forward to the coming collaboration between Benetton and rising Italian/Tunisian recording artist Ghali

The creative relationship between brands and recording artists and the concept of blending music with clothing is nothing is new. Brands are always looking to embrace personalities that not only align with their brand values but also embody them. Renowned all over the world for its colour knitwear and core multiculturalist values, the famous Italian family-owned brand United Colors of Benetton recently tapped rapper Ghali to become their face of 2021, and tap into a new niche in the urban music world at the same time. Born in Italy to Tunisian parents and raised in the suburbs of Milan, Ghali and Benetton brings to life a perfect alignment for a new, post-pandemic era.

As part of this new collaboration, Ghali will create a personal capsule collection and new individualised content to celebrate both his own and the Benetton’s unique spaces in the world of culture. Naturally, the expectation is for an explosive hit of colours and creativity grounded in celebrating heritage, fashion, art and music. The collaboration will mark the first time Benetton will be linked to a rapper whose signature sound is also an eclectic blend of styles and influences. Ghali has found his success in the music world through mixing oriental and electronic sounds with lyrics that speak explicitly of communal dialogue and integration in fluent Italian, French and Arabic. With that kind of unique talent, he’s already on the path to be an influential artist of his generation and the new collaboration with Benetton will only consolidate that status – for both parties.

The capsule collection will itself will represent the collision of ideas silks and perspectives between Ghali’s music, lyrics and aesthetics.  “We admire his style, his ideas, his attitude,” remarks Massimo Renon, CEO of Benetton Group. “We are thrilled to partner with a great artist, especially one who shares our values.”  Adding similar sentiments, Ghali himself says, “every opportunity to experiment and expand my art delights me.  I am very proud and happy to create a capsule collection for a brand like United Colors of Benetton. It’s a great challenge and I can’t wait to get to work.”


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