18th February 2021

Stella McCartney A/W2021 Collection

Carolina Anzalone takes a look at the colourful landscape of McCartney's winter season this year

With the coming Stella McCartney A/W2021 collection we will all be jumping into their unique and vibrant, eco-sustainable world populated by recycled fabrics and factory off-cuts.  As part of the McCartney A to Z Manifesto revealed previously, autumn will be called ‘J or Joy’ to reflect the energy, colour and optimism of the collection.  These days it has become so important for fashion brands to invest more and more into eco-friendly materials and make good eco-choices with things like distribution and production.  As we all know, the current environmental emergency is driving the research into new, sustainable fashion methods that could be used to combat the consumption of the animal fabrics, plastic materials and fabric waste that only serves to increase a problem we all already know pretty well.

For her part, McCartney is answering the call, just as we expected.  The new collection is again created using 80% sustainable and eco-animal friendly materials.  Since its foundation, the McCartney brand has been working towards a completely sustainable fashion business, and the A/W2021 collection demonstrates just how stylish and yet bold clothes made almost entirely from recycled materials could be.  The joy we feel because of it is palpable, giving us a brighter future to look forward to in such (currently) dark times.  The woman presented by McCartney is an active spirit that moves between dynamic garments and more sensual fluid pieces.  Another of the inspirations behind the collection is the athletic functionality of skiwear.  But here the codes are twisted in a more hi-tech and fashionable way – as shown with the jackets made entirely from regenerated nylon.

Yes, the colours are bright and vibrant but they’re also balanced by neutral and refreshing shades such as khaki, camel, grey, cream, navy, black and white.  This is as sporty-chic as it gets, with a subtle nod to the 90’s in the floral dresses in organic stretch cotton jersey finding their place next to patterned swimsuits or even oversized Teddy Mat Coats.  Also catching the eye is the patch-working used throughout the whole line – like the co-ordinated trousers and tops bringing the fun and the fresh takes for autumn.  It’s a playful relationship between textures and colours, as McCartney experiments and creates with mixtures of fur-free fur, forest-friendly viscose and organic cottons and linens.

Even the accessories are joining the eco-party.   The iconic vegan and cruelty free Falabella bag is supersized to a new style, while the Frayme evolves the classic brand code by incorporating new talking points like a chunky chain strap running all around the bag as well as a statement medallion inspired by Austrian modernist artist, Carl Auböck.  And so, as we move towards the hope of the summer, Stella McCartney is letting us know a joyful, colourful story still awaits us in the winter – no matter what happens between now and then.

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