8th December 2020

Sustainable pt XIII – The McCartney A to Z Manifesto Collection

Art meets fashion meets corporate responsibility for McCartney's new capsule collection

If you were wise you would have taken the time 2020 give all of us to think about what a post-2020 world really looks like, and how you might like to make it better than the pre-2020 world, even if it was just to minimise 2020 ever happening again.  Stella McCartney has already built her entire life and career on the difference she can make to the world in the future beyond mere beautiful designs.  Who could argue it’s not, in fact, her raison d’etre?  Yet, even with that fabled history, it still wasn’t beyond her to indulge in some real introspection when the time for it was forced upon us.  Pioneers are never prepared to sit on past achievements, it seems.

G is for Grateful by George Condo

The enforced time off that  led to that period of introspection resulted in what is now being called the McCartney A to Z Manifesto, “a map of our DNA and a blueprint of our future intentions; everything we know, believe and love about fashion,” says McCartney herself.  The blueprint part of that sentence is important.  It implies that even a company born and steeped in sustainable practices still needs clear signposts that even the most well intentioned can read and easily grasp to make sure everybody ends up at the same destination.

Moving forward in our upcoming collections, we’re pledging to further minimise our waste and use of raw materials, and to increase our use of repurposed and upcycled fabrics.  We will continue questioning our approach and searching for better, vegan solutions to create the most sustainable clothing without ever sacrificing timeless luxury or dreamy desirability – Stella McCartney, Founder and Creative Director.

A is for Accountable by Rashid Johnson

As a historical marker to this further re-commitment to her core values, McCartney used her down time during this year’s lockdown(s) to gather together a global team of 26 artists who would each visualise one letter of the alphabet; the results of which would be memorialised on a limited-edition series of 26 graphic print t-shirts.  The profits from each t-shirt sold will go towards supporting a cause close to each artist in the team.  These limited-edition t-shirts are priced at £425 and are made from organic cotton to reduce water waste and soil erosion, and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides.  Of course, each one will also be packaged in a renewable, recyclable material.

X is for Kiss by Ed Ruscha

The first three editions of the t-shirts were available to buy on December 3rd and, even here, don’t expect things to happen in the usual order.  The first three artist tees to go on sale, and the charities that will benefit, are: Cindy Sherman (letter E) for Planned Parenthood; George Condo (letter G) for Conservation International; and Ed Ruscha (letter X) for Mojave Desert Land Trust Seed Bank.

G is for Grateful by George Condo

The next set will drop in Jan 2021 and feature: Rashid Johnson (letter A) for the 14+ Foundation; Jeff Koons (letter K, naturally) for International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children; Olafur Eliasson (letter O); and Hajime Sorayama (letter S) for Médecins Sans Frontières Japan.  All of which should tell you that for the the first half of 2021 at least, Stella McCartney will be taking us all through the A to Z of responsible, sustainable and, most of all, creative luxury fashion.


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Main image: E is for Effortless by Cindy Sherman

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