9th February 2023

Giorgio Armani + The Horizon Foundation

Jodi Clarke discovers the inspiration behind Mr. Armani's new collaboration

In keeping with their always charitable outlook, Giorgio Armani recently launching a new project in association with the Horizon Foundation, a non-profit group set up by French Armani model Benjamin, a long-time friend to the House.

Horizon was born after Benjamin was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare eye disease for which there’s currently no known cure.  Instead of succumbing the news like most of us would have, Benjamin instead started his foundation to raise public awareness and funds for research into the condition.

To aid this endeavor, the model gathered together four of his most creative friends for courage (photographers and filmmakers), and set sail across the Atlantic Ocean with the intention of documenting the experience in mages and film.  Even without the diagnosis, it would have been a daunting way to raise money.  Yet it embodies the adventurer’s spirit Mr. Armani is well known for.  His foundation supports many projects like this in the same way and he’s also renowned for his love of sailing.  A perfect match.  And really, who could resist the adventure of it all?

The chance to raise money for such a good cause in such an exciting way wasn’t something Giorgio Armani was going to pass up.  And, that money will go to directly to where it is most needed:

With our research teams, we’re convinced that the call for donations, associated with strong media coverage of the Horizon Foundation through their various projects and the international reputation of the companies with which they collaborate, would be a great way to contribute to the culmination of research projects on Retinopathy Pigmentosa.  Serge Picaud, Director of Institut de la Vision

To support the effort, Giorgio Armani will be posting the created documentary in a series of chapters to their social media accounts.  “We will therefore take advantage of the size of their brand and their media coverage to sensitize as many people as possible and try to raise funds that will help medical research,” says Benjamin.   Look out for his updates.


For more information on The Horizon Foundation, click here

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