23rd June 2020

Zadig & Voltaire A/W2020 Preview

Cecilia Bonstrom adds a new twist to some traditional looks for A/W2020

There’s a definite Prairie chic underwriting the new  Zadig & Voltaire A/W2020 collection.  To be sure, that off-duty rockstar vibe that has made Z&V one of the cult classic labels for so many people around the world is still the dominant flavour in the collection, but we all know rockstars will only get so far if they just keep repeating their greatest hits.  The most obvious place to look for this new influence is with the denim pieces.  The jeans are slim but comfortable in the long or culottes version.  But it’s the wash and colour that gives it that distinct Old West feel, particularly when paired with the short-sleeved frilly denim shirt.

Adding to the effect are the cuban heel lace-up or buckled Chelsea boots and the wide-brimmed hats that bridge the gap between traditional and modern chic.  The tailoring in the collection, however, leans into something a little more contemporary, with check suits and tuxedo suits cut to draw a casual silhouette and dressed with slouchy roll-neck jumpers, t-shirts and chunky sneakers.  Sometimes the tailoring is altogether sharper, like the sleek black suit with cut-off pants or the double-breasted grey business suits gathered at the ankle under the straps of your strappy sandals.

With other pieces in the collection there’s no doubting Z&V’s core influence.  Soft crushed leather ensembles hint at what’s to come.  The oversized, burnt orange shearling leather jacket is an iconic look, particularly when paired with matching pants and a matching perforated leather bag.  Then we come full circle with the tiger print, faux-fur, single-breasted jacket, tiger print blouse and black leather pants combination – the kind of ensemble you’d see on the chicest bodies backstage at the coolest concerts.  Faux-fur makes a number of appearances – especially effective is the brown, long faux-fur coat worn with the amazing pleated, green and burnt orange striped skirt.  Ironically, the stand-out piece on display her is also perhaps the most unassuming and simple piece.  The black college jacket with the leather sleeves and the word ‘Voltaire’ emblazoned across the lower back is beautiful in its simplicity and versatility; in a collection that nods to a number of different cultural gods within one tight and exciting story for the coming winter.


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