3rd April 2020

Tie-Dye Summers – LV Escale by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton releases a new colourful capsule collection for the summer beaches

We all have them.  When the spring months roll around and the flowers start to burst into life we all start to have those daydreams about what we’re going to do in the warm sunshine, where we’re going to do it and what we’ll be wearing while we’re doing it.  In this new pandemic reality we’re living in that prevents us from even venturing outside unless it’s absolutely necessary those daydreams are probably all the more vivid and in dire need of being fulfilled.

To give us all something happier to focus on for the near future, Louis Vuitton has just launched their new capsule collection of summer/beachwear called LV Escale.  Here Vuitton takes the tie-dye technique of colouring fabric away from the hippie vibes of the Woodstock generation and brings it all the way back to the original, classic Japanese Shibori techniques for a collection that consists of monogram bomber jackets, swimsuits, beachwear, footwear and bags.  To bring the collection to life, the tie-dye technique has been used in conjunction with a summer colour palette of indigo and sky blues and coral pinks and reds.

No collection is complete without its accessories and, of course, the same is true for LV Escale.  Monogram bucket hats and lightweight scarves will keep the sun’s harshest rays at bay, while you’ll be able to pack all your beach gear away into the matching fine leather totes and handbags that also make up part of this new collection.  There are even matching watches to make sure you don’t spend too long sunbathing this summer.  For the real travellers among you, the Onthego totes are exclusively embroidered with favoured holiday destinations around the world – Mykonos, Rio, Hawaii, etc.  There are 25 different destinations to choose from so whether you just want to represent your home team or choose a bag according to your travels, LV Escale apparently has you covered.  It’s always good to dream.


LV Escale from Louis Vuitton is available now.  Click here for more information.

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