6th September 2019

The Roman Baguette – Fendi + Friends Forever

Fendi treats us to another episode of Friends Forever

Fendi have just released a new instalment of their long running filmed campaign for their luxury bags collections, Friends Forever.  Previous episodes have toured the luxury capitals of the world – Shanghai, New York and Hong Kong – and have cleverly incorporated the adventures of Miki Tang and Ikwa, the authors of a forthcoming book series on fashion and travel entitled, Around the World in High Heels.

The iconic Fendi bag is one of the cornerstones for the brand and much of its current success is built on it, so it’s not surprising that the powers that be would not only invest heavily in the promotion of such important pieces but also make sure the marketing is unique, compelling and keeps people (with a fair amount of loose change in their pockets) coming back for more.  It’s a tactic that has worked well for many other luxury brands.  These types of long running campaigns are designed to present an episodic narrative, like the best dressed soap operas in the world, that people find themselves ‘tuning in’ to and even anticipating the next one.

Fendi’s new episode finds the wandering Chinese duo driving around yet another luxury fashion and culture location, Rome, and finding themselves at the mothership – the Fendi HQ in Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana.  In true Indiana Jones style, they find a secret exhibition in the HQ featuring the holy grail, the Fendi Baguette.  Fortunately they don’t take the movie comparison too far and try to steal any.

As always, Fendi takes tradition italian luxury fun and a part of the world community of culture by adding Fatboy Slim’s 20-year-old club classic, Praise You, to the soundtrack.


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