15th May 2019

The Muse – Dior Pre-Fall 2019 and Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence brings some contemporary glamour to Dior's new pre-fall 2019 campaign

As the idiom says, some matches are made in heaven.  Strawberries and Cream, Meghan and Harry and, for the last five years, Jennifer and Dior.  Jennifer Lawrence is, of course, one of the world’s leading actresses and so it’s only fitting that one of the world’s leading fashion houses should be her chosen dance partner at all the awards season parties.  The House of Dior has been dressing Lawrence since 2014 and such a long association in fashion and entertainment says a lot about how much affinity each has for the other.

For Dior, Lawrence represents the ideal muse.  She’s the kind of natural screen beauty who recalls the days of Hollywood royalty and stars like Grace Kelly – a Dior muse of yesteryear herself.   In fact, Lawrence herself had long ago been associated with playing the screen goddess in a biopic of her life.  That is, until the version with Nicole Kidman in 2014 seemed to kill any goodwill her family might have had about anyone else playing the role on-screen.  For Lawrence, Dior took her from being the young fresh-faced girl playing Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movies through to the elegant, creative and sophisticated young woman we see in front of us today.

Nowhere is that perfect match better illustrated than in the new campaign for Dior’s pre-fall 2019 collection dubbed 30 Montaigne, after the House of Dior’s famous Paris address since 1946.  And for creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, the name of the collection holds a particular significance:

“The connection we develop to a place can be extremely powerful. I felt it right away when I stepped inside 30 Avenue Montaigne, the House’s historic birthplace. I thought about creating a new line that would reflect the identity of the House and, at the same time, offer women the opportunity to create a ‘My Dior’ allure in harmony with their lifestyle.”

As a way of realising that connection Chiuri’s new collection takes the classic Dior signature styles and silhouettes that became fashion’s iconic ‘New Look’ and reinterprets them through her own impeccable artistic sensibilities.  And who better to reflect that blending of classic elegance with contemporary style than Jennifer Lawrence?  Although, we do have to be honest – as fabulous as Jennifer Lawrence is, that book tote bag was always going to sell itself!


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