7th May 2019

Dior Cruise 2020 – Review

This year beautiful Marrakech at dusk was the setting for Dior's spectacular 2020 Cruise show. By Chidozie Obasi

Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri recently presented Dior’s 2020 Cruise collection in an old ruined palace in Marrakech.  The catwalk featured a highly contextual theme that celebrated a myriad of cultures weaved together to enrich and unveil a sense of intercultural understanding.  Rather than just simply being inspired by a Moroccan ethos, Chiuri invited a series of fine artists, craft-makers and artisans from various social backgrounds to join forces in envisioning a broader dialogue between the collection and the social facets of the African continent.

An enticing list of names from across the fashion, music and entertainment industries were all counted on the remarkable red carpet prior to the show.  The list included the likes of  Lupita Nyong’o, Jessica Alba and Susie Lau (it’s perhaps just best to name a few, before the elation gets a little too sparkly), who had all flown in to witness the presentation of this spectacular and highly dynamic collection.

As well as showcasing Dior’s exquisite heritage with sophisticated gowns and captivating accessories – all against the backdrop of astonishing scenery that invoked the former creative director’s fascination with Morocco – the collection featured the work of multiple artists from around the continent.  As well as the countless patterns, the collection was also punctuated by a dramatic array of evening gowns, dresses studded by Murano glass beads, bohemian lace wedding dresses and jersey pieces.

Among the collaborations established for this season’s sumptuous show Chiuri also partnered with Grace Wales-Bonner, the British-Jamaican designer whose work often delves into African culture.  Both are always eager to merge Western and African prints, giving birth to a lavish set of “travel looks” rich in timeless sophistication and premium tastes.

Chiuri also collaborated with a vast group of surface-pattern designers, highlighting a refined savoir-faire and ability to launch creative partnerships across many local groups in the city.  The whole evening was a well-played and well thought out master stroke by the house of Dior and paid a fittingly great homage to some staggeringly beautiful foreign cultures.

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