15th September 2020

The Fendi Power – Fendi Peekaboo

Alton Mason and Mia Kong star in the latest episode of Fendi Peekaboo

Here at THE FALL we’ve been following Fendi’s innovative Peekaboo campaigns for a while so it’s always nice to see something that takes what came before and adds an unexpected new twist to it.  The Fendi Power twist is that the new campaign in the series is fronted by a male model (we think) for the first time.  Alton Mason is not just any male model, however.  The Arizona native was the first black male model to ever walk for a Chanel fashion show.  Now he’s adding to that resumé with Fendi.  And, with a new angle to the long-running Peekaboo saga comes a different style of creative to accompany it.

While past instalments have been built around the bag, this instalment builds on it to include selected pieces from the Fendi pre-fall 2020 collection as well as the Leisurewear collection.  Rome is the spiritual home of Fendi and has been the setting for Peekaboo episodes of the past but this time the setting is the spectacularly funky rooftop of the Museum Garage in Miami.  As well as being a man of many firsts, Mason also happens to be a gifted dancer (thought we’re not sure if that’s on his official resumé) and perhaps it was something in the Miami air that made him and his co-star, super-stylist Mia Kong, with the kind of freedom and abandon  you can’t help but enjoy while you watch.  If you don’t spot a few moves cribbed from Michael Jackson, Prince, Chris Brown or Usher in the campaign clip then welcome to the 21st century, hope the hibernation was pleasant.

Of course, taking (almost) centre stage is the beautiful Peekaboo we’re all here for.  This is an over the shoulder tote in matt black leather, embossed with a succession of Fendi’s iconic ‘mirrored Fs’ logo and with a contrasting bright yellow leather lining that in itself mirrors the colour palette of the Fendi Leisurewear also seen in the campaign.  Everything in The Fendi Power campaign comes together in a cacophony of colour, shapes, location, designs, talent and personality.  I.e., everything you would expect from Peekaboo.  It does leave one excitedly wondering where they will take it all next.


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