7th June 2022

The Balmain B-It

Ebonee Emani takes a slide into the famed fashion House's new footwear for the summer

Style has taken a new step with the French House debuting their latest footwear offering, the Balmain B-It slip-ons.  With cutting-edge design and padded comfort, the slides are to be showcased in three different colours and designs.  Presented as a spontaneous adventure addition to your wardrobe, the B-It shoes take the forms of a quad bike, speed boat and racing car, with innovations that implement the spirit of exploration and freedom.

Creative director Olivier Rousteing has never been one to shy away from creating bold pieces by curating his ideas and inspirations into a single form.  It’s this approach that has brought to us the B-It’s futuristic, sneaker technology silhouette – a structure that the famed French fashion house has developed over the past few seasons.  Being lightweight and shock absorbent, B-It slip-ons are made to be worn on all terrains and for all occasions at all times.

To be sure, the silhouette is uncompromisingly bold.  They’re designed to make sure onlookers give you that familiar head nod as they check out not only you but your footwear as you walk past.  There were quiet gasps when they debuted on the catwalk at the 2021 Balmain Festival, and there’s nothing more satisfying to Rousteing that a strong reaction to his designs.  There are even subtle nods to his recent very public traumas and subsequent empowering triumphs over them, with the collection’s dangling bandages and gauze-like fabrics telling their own stories.

The luxury footwear’s distinctive look is designed to bypass all reasons to look for the label to identify the brand.  If you don’t know who these shoes are by, you don’t know fashion.  There’s literally nothing on the market like them.  Inspired by Japan’s Geta and Okobo sandals, as well as vintage wooden racing boat ‘yar’ lines, the B-Its were carefully crafted to not only make a unique statement but also to definitely make you look.


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