23rd December 2020

Sustainable pt XV – Post Pandemic Tote

It's Christmas and unique, fashionable gifts that also help to save the environment are hard to find. By Carolina Anzalone

Post Pandemic Tote is the new gender-fluid and season-less brand founded by Tatiana Orlova and Stefano Pugliese to propose a new concept of bags promoting eco-sustainability and non-conformism.  The brand is presented with the acronym PPT and was born during the pandemic period of COVID-19 in a completely Made in Italy context.  The choice of the name is in fact linked to the classic Tote Bag, a shopping bag that has been completely revolutionised and re-proposed through the use of patterns and materials that have made it unique.

It is interesting how the production of these bags has been focused and dedicated entirely to the environment, with a very low environmental impact.  Fabrics used are wide and varied, such as military materials, warehouse stocks, jute bags, and even 1950s old mattress covers blended with iconic colours and abstract graphics that recall a more contemporary dimension.  The uniqueness of these pieces comes not only from the artisanal manufacturing techniques of the product but also from the drop of these collections themselves, which are thought of as monthly limited editions and only with a certain number of pieces.  In fact, with sold-out drop the PPT team have pledged to plant as many trees as bags sold.

Naturally, the aim is to promote new respect for our planet with an entirely eco-sustainable bag that’s also an original and stylish bag.  Post-Pandemic Tote proposes a different and innovative fashion vision than the others by embracing other aspects such as design, architecture, contemporary art, and even music.  Their collections are immersed in a post-punk vibe typical of the 70s and 80s from which their designs are inspired.

The designers Tatiana Orlova and Stefano Pugliese have proved their credentials by recreating a unique product of its kind.  An original accessory with character and that eliminates CO2 emissions and reduces the water consumption used during fabric preparation.  In short, the lifestyle proposed by PPT like a Pandora’s Box: you have to open it to discover what’s hidden inside.


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