25th January 2021

Sustainable pt XVI – AM LUL by Gala Gonzalez

Gala Gonzalez unveils her new socially responsible fashion collection. By Venetia Tyler

Gala Gonzalez has proven that she’s more than just an influencer, she’s also a fashion-savvy business woman.  With over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, her most recent creative venture looks at clothing which defies the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter – all with a sprinkle of understated glam.  Her drive and talent for creating clothing which goes with the times began at the University of the Arts in London where she received distinctions in Fashion Design, laying the foundations for one day being able to set up her own brand.  Her success in higher-education paved the way for Gonzalez to become noticed within the industry as a respected designer, and not just as an online-blogger.  This led her to her contemporary and elegant design collaborations with top brands such as Mango and Superga, which were known for their on-trend designs with distinctive cuts and an always chic element.

Designing successful capsule collections for these brands showed off Gonzalez’s creative style and taste, whilst maintaining the status of a successful blogger on social media sites. Recognised by the Fashionista List in 2016, she was the first Spanish woman to be in the top 10.  Her understanding of the fashion industry, mixed with her individual, minimalist-yet-chic style and her influence within the social media world, have all contributed to where she is today – the founder of AM LUL brand, based in Spain.

AM LUL has stuck out from other contemporary brands on the scene with their current and significant hashtag #NoMoreSeasons.  Whilst fashion has been in the midst of important sustainability conversations in recent years, AM LUL have not only founded themselves based on responsible, ethical consumption, but also take their ethos one step further.  Gala Gonzalez’s contemporary-chic designs have been carefully constructed so that they can be worn any day of the year – come rain or shine.  With the classic yet striking cuts of the white denim jacket and the jazzy purple cocktail co-ord, there is something for every season and every time of the day.

Instead of having to adapt to the weather’s needs, these clothes are designed to adapt to ours.  Not only are these clothes to wear by the pool or to your birthday party, the collections are quality controlled to a rigorous level and 100% hand made in local factories in Spain, sustaining fair trade. Giving us more reasons to invest and have some of these gorgeous pieces in our non-seasonal wardrobes!


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