30th July 2020

Saint Laurent #YSL32 and #YSL33 for A/W2020

Anthony Vaccarrello calls in the heavy hitters for the new #YSL campaigns

When you work with someone who revels in titles like ‘The Pope of Trash’ and ‘The Duke of Dirt’ you cannot pretend you didn’t know what you were letting yourself in for.  A veteran film auteur with more than 50 years in the business, John Waters is someone you work with because of the quirks that make up his legendary personality, not despite them.  So should it be a surprise to see him fronting the latest #YSL campaign for Anthony Vaccarello?  Not if you understood just how much of a student of culture Vaccarello is.  These collaborations – and there have been many of them since he landed in the creative director’s chair at Saint Laurent four years ago – seem to tell us more and more about him.  With each new version of this campaign it’s like the window onto who he is is buffed a little clearer each time.  And, let’s face facts, it’s not as if John Waters doesn’t look incredible in a Saint Laurent double-breasted tux for #YSL32.  Saint Laurent knows what they’re doing.

Before Waters it was original guitar hero Lenny Kravitz winning the internet and looking as cool as only someone called ‘Lenny Kravitz’ can look wearing a leopard print shirt, matching cravat and slim, ‘rock star black’ trousers for the same #YSL32 campaign.  And while you marvel at just how good Kravitz looks in Vaccarello’s designs remember, the Let Love Rule maestro is also 56 years old.

Almost as if to prove just how much Saint Laurent can bridge the divide between age, gender and industries, the next instalment of the campaign, #YSL33, features one of the models-of-the-moment, Grace Hartzel.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Hartzel already looks like she’s the lead singer of her own all-girl punk band, with a style that she herself has described as “like a character in an Anime like Ghost in the Shell or movies like Bladerunner.”

After a long period of globally enforced ‘silence’ the #YSL markers have been coming thick and fast over the past few weeks.  Hopefully that means we wont have to wait long for their next instalment to win the internet all over again.


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