19th January 2021

Saint Laurent – #YSL37

Saint Laurent's new capsule collection is all sorts of chic

It’s probably fair to say we love the creative aesthetic that Anthony Vaccarello brings to Saint Laurent.  It’s the kind of aesthetic that seems to describe the life of a young rock star – glamorous and hip without being forced or inauthentic about it.  It’s the kind of look that almost makes you wish you were living the life of recording studios, concerts and after parties (if that’s not already who you are, of course).  Saint Laurent’s #YSL series of capsule collections sits at the vanguard of this occupation of our creative sensibilities and the new #YSL37 collection is no different.

Make no mistake, these are clothes to be seen in but they’re not necessarily clothes that scream for attention.  There is a big difference.  Bright electric colours scream for attention.  Avant-garde and sometimes unwieldily silhouettes and cuts scream for attention.   Instead, #YSL37 is sharp, chic and sleek.  Once it catches your eye you’re there for it but these are not clothes that will beat you over the head from two blocks away.

A sequinned double-breasted jacket with an oversized Rose on the lapel may catch the light but it’s the leopard-print hot pants worn underneath that will make you smile.  The men’s bomber jacket with the bold, all over graphic design may catch the corner of your eye in passing but it’s the long, train-like tail attached to it that will make you stop and wonder.

However, tonight’s award for best look goes to the gorgeous little black babydoll dress.  Pleated along the body and punctuated with sumptuous faux fur along the hem, neck, shoulders and cuffs, it’s a look straight off the body of Marianne Faithfull circa the Swingin’ 60s.  Add a pair of oversized, white butterfly sunglasses and you couldn’t be a sharper, contemporary version of the Sixties Miss if you tried.  All of which does beg the question: can Vaccarello really keep this long winning streak going with #YSL38?  We will just have to wait and see.


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