16th November 2020

Palace Moschino – Match Made in Heaven

Some matches in fashion were made to be

Some matches are made in heaven.  That’s how the saying goes.  Peaches and cream, Scorsese and De Niro – the combinations go on and on with natural rhythm that makes them seem obvious just at the moment they are announced.  In fashion the latest addition to that rhythm has the official title ‘Palace Moschino’.  For those that don’t know, Palace is the decade-old skatewear brand from London that’s arguably at the top of the pyramid in skateboard and underground culture worldwide.  Of course, Moschino is the Italian house with a couple more decades on the odometer and currently being led by one of our favourite mad scientists in fashion, Jeremy Scott.

Anyone who knows, or knows of, Jeremy Scott will understand his eclectic approach to fashion design and the way pervading contemporary cultures feeds right through to his finger tips when he designs.  For example, if the collection is going to have a handbag, why shouldn’t it be designed to look like a carton of store-bought milk?  The anti-establishmentarianism, counter-culture nature of the skateboard scene always made for a natural bedfellow for that kind of design ethos.  So much so you’d almost have to question why it took so long for the collaboration to materialise.

I was happy to collaborate with my long-time pals at Palace to create this collection full of peace, love and hugs Jeremy Scott, creative director, Moschino

Could there have been a better way to visually represent the hugs Scott takes about than the luxurious shearling jacket with the words “hug me’ and the backs of two hugging hands stitched onto the back in matching shearling?  The heavenly white fluffy clouds floating in a dreamlike deep blue sky, as seen on the collection’s puffer jacket, is a motif we’ve seen elsewhere for next season and seems universally accepted as the international symbol for peace, calmness and tranquility.  Lest we forget the mischievous nature of both of these brands though, under the cartoon sun and the giant Moschino logo is a slogan that reads ‘world wide wickedness’.  The contrast is obviously deliberate and the intention of the slogan really comes down to which side of the counter-culture divide you stand on and how you yourself use the term ‘wicked’ – colloquially or not?

Moschino is one of our favourite brands of all time: chic, sexy, innovative and properly funny.  Working with them has been a full-blown dream scenario for us and we are still buzzing on it – Palace

Of course, there are very few fashion collaborations or campaigns these days that don’t also come with a video clip to satisfy today’s vampire’s thirst for digital content.  Here again Palace Moschino come up with an abstract visual treat directed by David Sims – the man behind all the still images to the campaign – that perfectly represents the quirky and almost surreal/abstract nature of the collaboration itself.  Time to get your skate on.


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