3rd February 2022

The New Balenciaga Campaign

Balenciaga calls in some of their heavy hitters for the new campaign

For summer 2022, Balenciaga leans into its celebrity associations for a new campaign captured by photographer Stef Mitchell.  We all know the power of a celebrity endorsement or ambassador, and none come bigger than Kim Kardashian herself.  Here, Kardashian takes centre stage in a cast that has someone for everyone.

Kim Kardashian

In another sign of the big Houses stepping away from the usual calendar and way of doing things, this new Balenciaga campaign is only the second in a series of multiple instalments that will be released at regular intervals throughout the new season, rather than the usual scenario of one campaign for the whole season.

Isabelle Huppert

Despite the names involved, it’s clear that Mitchell’s intention this time around was to re-contextualise those big names by shooting where they live and work, as opposed to usual scenario of big productions and large sets.  This time it’s about the natural environments and lighting; the spaces and backdrops that allow the brand – and therefore the collection – to feel more ‘accessible’ and closer to the observer, even if the actually cast itself might not seem that way (metaphorically speaking).

Marie-Agnès Diene

So, to drive this intention home, Kim Kardashian was shot in her Calabasas home; Isabelle Huppert is featured at home in Paris, as is model Tommy Blue; while model Marie-Agnès Diene is in her artist studio and Justin Bieber is photographed in his favourite Los Angeles studio.  All are wearing pieces and looks from the current Balenciaga collection that represents signature silhouettes and iconic styles, and further perfectly situations the cast in their chosen environments.  Sharp tailored edges in some of Mitchell’s images rubs shoulders with slouchy ensembles worn casually in others.  The success of the campaign is really seen when all the images are viewed as a story with a narrative; and even with the diverse cast, locations and looks, the plot holds together tightly and coherently.  Of course, creative director Demna has the eye that can make any story a compelling one when his designs are involved.

Tommy Blue

The campaign will feature on large scale famous façades worldwide, starting with the Théâtre de la Ville in the heart of Paris, and focus on the looks from the mind of Demna that will continue from season to season to become as timeless as the house itself.

Kim Kardashian


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