25th September 2020

Balenciaga A/W2020 Campaign ft Cardi B

Balenciaga uses the unprecedented global situation to indulge their creativity for A/W2020

We’ve previously highlighted on these pages about how various fashion brands are leading the rest of the world when it comes to innovating new ways to share their content and their stories with their customers and the wider fashion community as a whole.  We can now add the mighty Balenciaga to that list.  For their new campaign for A/W 2020 there were no elaborate set-ups, far-flung locations or over-produced images.  Instead, they relied on the creativity of their far-reaching network of friends, collaborators, designers and their own creative team to shoot a series of selfies and self-portraits in the comfort (and relative safety) of their own homes during the extended lockdown earlier this year.

In a particularly clever move, all the images situate the products where they will eventually end up – places like closets, bedrooms, and (improbably) backyards.  So there are images from messy bedrooms with shots taken in the mirror and showing the Balenciaga logo backwards; in amongst a world of cuddly soft toys; on workout treadmills in a basement and rooms decorated entirely in tinfoil (we’d love to know just how long it took to get all that tinfoil placed so neatly without a single tear anywhere to be seen!)

It’s a campaign that has taken everyday life and everyday folks in everyday surroundings and made it all look unforced, hyper-real and super chic.  In fact, despite the circumstances of the shoot, it’s a campaign that not only sits comfortably alongside the Balenciaga campaigns of the past, but also brings a whole new dimension to this season’s campaigns in general.  And while they’ve obviously taken this emerging global dynamic in the world as an opportunity to bring us something different, there’s still a great nod to the familiar with the new campaign being fronted by outspoken recording artist – and sometime political activist – Cardi B, breaking all sorts of glamour records on a bed of lush green (faux?) grass and surrounded by all manner of plastic children’s toys in a bright contrasting yellow.  What a way to catch the eye!


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