29th December 2020

Moschino Pre-Fall 2021

Moschino wisely leaves 2020 behind and looks to autumn 2021. By Carolina Anzalone

The new Moschino pre-fall 2021 collection is an offering that mines different vibes to previous collections of years past.  In this case we all had to interface with this most virulent of years in new ways and, at the same time, Jeremy Scott had to approach design in a completely different way.  Scott’s goal was to bring a focus on everything so it “popped off the screen”; to capture attention through the combination of bright and decisive colours and details in perfect Moschino style.

But not only are the colours the main characters of the play but also the fabrics that are mixed and juxtaposed in dissonant and opposite combinations.  It was important for the designer to focus on all the details of this collection, especially because digital viewing allows for such scrutiny and digital creation has been a tool that has allowed everyone to expand the scope of their creativity.  It was essential that all the details stood out and jumped off the screen itself to show a new woman; more resolute and different from the previous ones.

This is why the collaboration with model Winnie Harlow was so sensational.  She perfectly embodied the vibes of the collection, showing not only the ‘cute’ side but also the naughty’ side.  Scott decided to translate and transmute his new view of the world by seemingly cutting out and reassembling pieces of various images and tropes – the classic archetypes of the career woman, or even the biker chick – and presenting them with different shapes, appearances and moods.  As a collage of images, Moschino’s new Pre-Fall collection mixes and matches different social connotations and/or clichés and blends them, trying to harmonise them into a perfect “collision of archetypes”.

There are also outfits that blend drama and tradition within the same look.  This deconstruction and rebuilding creates not only a more austere silhouette but also more power and character through drama.   It’s a bit like the two sides of the same coin, where no-one is truly the 100% version of themselves (whatever that may be) at any given moment.  With this collection, Scott is trying to get us to understand that we must learn to interface with ourselves and our different facets and shades, which are sometimes contradictory and sometimes complementary but, at the same time, complex in their own characteristics.

A different yet exciting Moschino collection.  More concrete, more tangible and more human.  A collection that speaks of truth, revolution and change.


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