20th September 2019

MFW – Prada S/S2020

Prada injects clear simplicity and refined quality into a crowded field

There’s a reason why Prada has always been thought of as the brand for the more style conscious, modern working woman.  It’s probably because Miuccia Prada is exactly that herself and naturally designs in her own image.  There’s a certain fit, comfort and style to her collections that is so individual and so instinctive it almost acts as a beacon in foggy weather for those of us who have to wear more than one hat throughout a day.

For Prada’s S/S2020 show at MFW there were no efforts to shock, just to inspire.  It’s never about being overtly sexy for the brand, just about being alluringly beautiful.  This is achieved with clean lines, modern styles and simple silhouettes that will make the wearer feel perhaps even an inch or two taller than she actually is.  Take the delicate fine ribbed knits that came down the catwalk crowning either simple ankle-length skirts or the bolder leather calf length skirts with the unfinished edges and gold sequin detailing.  There was no unneeded drama or extra bells and whistles, just the confidence that came from the wearer herself.  Prada’s outfits simply helps her to frame that confidence like a well composed picture.


Tailored jackets were also a happy reoccurring theme throughout the show – either as part of a suit or worn individually.  And whether they were single breasted or double, with collars or lapels, or in simple black or eye-catching metallic gold, they were always underwritten with that reassuring utilitarian ideal that Prada is know for.  You might not be the first person noticed in the room but you will definitely be the one admired the longest.  As the press release for the collection clearly states, this was about style over fashion.  We might even go further and say the collection represented a return to exquisite simplicity over unnecessary fuss and sometimes counter-productive distractions.  This was a MFW collection to remind you that Muiccia Prada really is a true master of her art.


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