16th September 2023

Mark Fast SS24 – London Fashion Week

The British designer channels the desert and its associated wonders for his new collection at LFW. By THE FALL

The Mark Fast SS24 collection at London Fashion Week gave us yet another insight into the British designer’s enduring appeal among today’s younger generation.  Entitled Dawn to Dusk, it was a proposition designed to carry the wearer through the long summer’s days and the many twists and turns those days may bring.

Underwriting Fast’s SS24 was the lure of exotic desert landscapes with its vibrant, hazy colours.  Men’s matching shirt jackets and cargo short trousers offered a simplistic take on the theme, while elastic stretched fabrics crocheted into figure-hugging tops, skirts and dresses for women tantalisingly exposed the skin in ways similar to standout looks in Fast’s AW23 collection earlier this year.

The Sun’s vivid tones were celebrated in denim with dusty pinks and bright yellows overpowering traditional denim blues.  Silhouettes ranged from breathable and loose to sculptured and tailored.  Streetwear sensibilities saw rolled-up sleeves on jackets and considered holes and tears on jeans.  The luxurious was catered for with flowing, floor-length skirts in delicate fabrics and flirty sequinned mini-skirts teamed with handkerchief tops emblazoned with the designer’s graphic logo.

Unisex designs also contributed to the story.  Bead-knit demi-couture pieces crossed boundaries to offer versatility and adaptability for both men and women alike, while signature monogram accessories and futuristic canvas shoes added a contemporary edge to seamlessly blend past with the future.

“This collection is designed for spirited youth culture,” says Fast in his show notes, “the trailblazers who revel in the desert’s allure and embrace the vibrant dance of life.”  In keeping with his singular hybridised outlook, Mark Fast SS24 set out to marry vintage aesthetics with modern flair to mirror the “dynamic spirit of those who live life with unapologetic zest.”  And, in this respect, the new collection proved to be the perfect uniform for the bold.


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