20th November 2020

Louis Vuitton – Game On with Léa Seydoux

If only Texas Hold 'em actually looked this good

Never let it be said that Louis Vuitton womenswear artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière isn’t playing with one of the best hands at the table.  Over the past seven years since Ghesquière has been in the chair his visionary design aesthetic has reinvented LV womenswear in his own image and put his collections at the top of the ‘must-see’ list every season.  So when the new Game On collection for 2021 arrived everybody wanted a seat at the table so they could take a look.

If you also sprinkle a little bit of near android-perfect, French actress and brand ambassador Léa Seydoux into the mix that prospect becomes almost irresistible.  The combination of them all only enhanced each individual component.  This new collection has a young and slightly quirky subtext to it, exemplified perfectly by the gorgeous cap-sleeved mini dress adorned with a repeating pattern of LV’s famous monogram symbols.  Only this time a playful love heart stands in for the traditional LV blossom.  Team that dress with a funky, geometrically square white leather bag and put it all on Seydoux and already you have the beginnings of your own cinematic universe.

The playfulness of the collection is underwritten by the artistic direction of the campaign images themselves.  Everything revolves around the LV symbols as playing cards, which are then mirrored in the designs of the clothes and accessories.  Sometimes it’s played front and centre – as with the cream jeans and black t-shirt that are heavily tattooed with the LV symbols.  Sometimes it’s a little more subtle – as with the Dauphine white leather bag that frames the LV symbols pattern like a picture with thick black leather trim.

Even the traditional codes get a make-over; like the familiar brown and tan monogram style being applied to a heart-shaped leather bag.  In fact, there are so many delicious bags, pillboxes and clutches on display it would satisfy the hungriest of hungry collectors.  The pièce de résistance is to see it all wrapped up in an almost Audrey Hepburn-esque type bow in these new images by photographer Craig McDean.  All of which should tell you that, for Louis Vuitton, it really is game on.


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