27th June 2019

Hermes Menswear 2020 Review

Hermés brings easy sophistication to menswear for summer 2020. All images by Jean-François José

Véronique Nichanian may not be a name that trips off the tongue in the fashion world quite as easily as some others but, for Hermes, she has served as the heartbeat of one of the most prestigious fashion houses the world has ever known.  Nichanian has been a part of the Hermes family for over three decades and that assuredness of knowing you’re exactly where you were always supposed to be comes shining through in her new menswear collection for S/S 2020.

The bold sophistication and confident aura shown on the catwalk was eminently befitting of the classic French house.  This is Hermes and ‘shock and awe’ is just not who they are.  Instead what we saw was a collection that rejoiced in its classic ‘prep’ look, ease of wear and smart tailoring.  This was a collection focused squarely on the days in the city rather than the nights on the red carpets.  And those days never looked so good.

Layering became a recurring theme throughout the collection.  Short blouson jackets in beautiful plum red topped layers of untucked red, white and pink for the most fashionable ‘artists’ look available next summer.  Three-button single breasted jackets came in all sorts ‘modern artisan’ colours and fabrics, all tailored to perfection to create stunning silhouette’s that won’t compromise on fit and comfort.  Each one was paired with luxurious loose-fitting canvas trousers to make sure the transition from day to evening next year happens seamlessly.

Even the traditional sophistication at Hermes wasn’t completely immune from next summer’s menswear trend of stark colour mash-ups.  Blazers and blousons featuring bold combinations of graphics and colour palettes designed to make people sit up and take notice also punctuated the collection to offer something a little different to the eye.

Delicate half-sleeve knitwear exhibiting near architectural designs contrasted with the slouchy, chunky oversized full-sleeved versions to offer comfortable options at both ends of the scale, while the gorgeous overcoats vied for the highlight of the collection  – with the muted green check coat, teamed with the matching blazer with the billiard table green lining, slightly pipping the exquisite soft brown leather knee-length zipped  coat to the title.

When all is said and done the overriding feeling one was left with, if you’re a guy, is: “I’d love to look like that next year”.  Proof positive that Hermes knows their customers in the same way Nichanian and womenswear creative director, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, know their own families.


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