25th February 2021

Gucci Epilogue: Ken Scott

Latisha Fleckenstein strolls through the flower gardens with Gucci's new campaign

To quote The Devil Wears Prada, “florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” Floral prints are nothing new at the house of Gucci and have become a signature since Alessandro Michele took the helm of the brand in 2015. For the launch of their latest Epilogue collection, shot by photographer Mark Peckmezian, Michele elevates floral prints to higher heights by diving into the work of Ken Scott and infusing the collection with the spirit of the ‘70s.

The period of greatest liberation that I lived through when I was a child was the 70s, which were really the golden years of the brand I work for. And I keep going back to it because, for me personally, they were the real seeds of changeAlessandro Michelle.

Known for transmitting vibrant flowers and romantic gardens onto fabric, the ‘gardener of fashion’ himself, Ken Scott, resided in Milan in the 60s and 70s where he created his colourful patterned fabrics. From peonies, roses, poppies and sunflowers, designs from his rich archive appear as the body of Gucci’s new Epilogue capsule collection.  “Ken Scott was a really great creator of fabrics,” Michele says, “he mapped out flowers with romanticism and into pop culture. He treated flowers like shop signs. He multiplied them, turned them into something that stood out. I like his work because I am obsessed with floral prints.”

Colour and floral patterns define the Gucci Ken Scott looks. The scintillating prints turn up unexpectedly on fleeces, down jackets, evening gowns finished with colourful ribbon, cosy and refined shawls and stoles, headbands and signature bags. In exuberant spirit, the inspiration is also seen in shoes, tracksuits and even bowling sets. With this explosive bloom of ’70s colour, the collection carries with it the radiant bliss of spring in every piece.  Womenswear items feature bright and impactful decorative motifs from the archive and, for men, the look is sporty and casual; a black cotton base fabric printed with contrasting gold lettering – the initials KS and GG – mixed with gold and silver flowers.  The overall art direction brings together the universe of intense colours and clashing prints with the Ken Scott patterns bleeding onto the wallpaper, curtains, tablecloths and cushions in each scene.

To celebrate the launch of the Ken Scott pieces, the Gucci podcast series features a special episode with writer, academic, critic – and Professor of Fashion Cultures and Histories at the London College of Fashion – Shahidha Bari, who narrates a story about the American designer’s life, his work and his legacy in contemporary fashion to faithfully bring depth and context to the entire colourful project and Scott’s colourful view on life.


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