19th May 2023

Gucci Cruise 2024

Meg Parrot looks back at the new show and collection in South Korea

As technology moves the world ever closer and the lines begin to blur, hybridisation shone through as the overarching theme of the recently unveiled Gucci Cruise 2024 collection in South Korea.  To emphasise this theme of blending cultures and genres, the iconic House set its show against the illuminated 14th century backdrop of Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace to deepen the ties it has had with the city since 1998.

In the 60-look offering, streetwear found luxury, classicism accompanied innovation and, of course, East met West.  The story played to both sides of this proverbial coin, while raising a glass to South Korea as a singularly unique artistic beacon and inspiration.  With new creative director Sabato de Sarno still gearing up for his first collection in September, the trust instead fell into the skilled hands at Gucci’s renowned atelier.  The innovative shapes and lyrical technical flair proved why they’ve remained at the upper echelons of fashion for so long, regardless of who’s sitting in the big chair.

As such, the team harnessed Seoul’s kinetic energy to bridge the gap back to their Florentine roots.  The famed Diamante print adorned structurally-minded streetwear, and Gucci surfboards were, of course, the perfect accessory for the contemporary ‘wetsuit’ dresses inspired by the surfers of the nearby Han River.  In true Cruise fashion, the styling favoured movement and freedom – both the city streets and the coastlines were calling.  For quotidian adventures, bombers and biker jackets (floor skimming or futuristically spliced) marked themselves out as the ultimate inter-seasonal statements.

Animated biomorphic prints from local artist Ram Han added further dimension to the story and fed into the cultural subtexts, while heritage was honoured with the return of the Horsebit bag – this time warped, narrowed or trapezoid in style.  These were just a few of the many reasons why Gucci Cruise 2024 felt like a considered study on both contrasts and complements to appeal to the contrarian in us all.  As de Sarno prepares to take centre stage later this year, it was a perfect appetiser to the main course.


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