14th September 2020

Giorgio Armani’s New Normal for A/W2020

Giorgio Armani's New Normal collection is more apt for the times than you just might think

Who would have thought that when Giorgio Armani’s New Normal was first launched back in 2015 the title given to the collection would have such prescient resonance five years later as we begin the Twenties?  Armani has always been forward thinking but perhaps not quite this prophetic.  Still, the New Normal is where we all find ourselves and this collection of timeless, easy-wearing pieces for the winter eminently serves this or any other moment in history.  This is the sort of collection that makes work day to evening transitions as easy as a gentle left-to-right putt from three feet – barely any effort required at all.

Elegance, comfort and quality are the watchwords here.  There are no loud noises allowed with this collection.  The quality is embodied in the fabrics used in the pieces – twill, silk sablé, tweed and pure cashmere bring the elegance of the clean and simple silhouettes to life.  Each piece is cut to ensure the kind of fit that brings those sometimes twelve-hour days with no the opportunity to change within reach.  It’s the kind of collection that already looks like it’s part of your wardrobe.  The pieces are interchangeable with each other to create a veritable Rubix cube of useful combinations and looks that all look like they were designed to complete the same jigsaw puzzle.

Trousers are loose, wide and high with drawstring waists.  Suits are relaxed and worn with round-necked tops with scarves casually thrown over the shoulders.  Dresses are flexible and comfortable.  Everything is in a natural palette of greys, black, browns and burgundies; worn with low-heeled boots or lace-up shoes.  Taken all together and it draws out a road map to the ideal customer for this collection – the busy, modern working woman who doesn’t want to let lack of time compromise her style, even if it means just putting on a few pieces for the Zoom meeting that is now a part of this new normal.  At least it’s still an excuse to get some Armani in your life.


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