16th March 2021

Giorgio Armani + Scuderia Ferrari Formula One Team

Venetia Tyler takes a look at the new collaboration between two of Italy's most famous luxury brands

Armani recently revealed some exciting news to expectant Formula One fans in preparation for Italy’s recovery and comeback on the road to a post-pandemic world.  Coming a couple of years after their formal partnership made news back in 2019, Giorgio Armani has announced they will be supplying all the formal attire and travel wear for the entire Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team from next season, including all management and technical staff.  The news comes at a time when fashion houses and designers are now starting to look towards a brighter future, where countries can begin repairing economies and paving the ways for new creativity to thrive.

The formal attire has been designed for all the official events that the Ferrari team will attend, while the travel wear covers things like transfers to and from Formula One Grand Prix races (because you never know who could be watching or who you’ll run into). With all members of the Ferrari Formula One team suited and booted, they’ll be dressed in modern-cut formal suits, with jackets crafted from jacquard wool fabrics and embellished with a micro-chevron pattern. All wool overcoats and matching accessories – shoes, belts and ties – are presented in a palette of navy blue and, of course, everything is stamped with the stylish and iconic Ferrari logo, perhaps one of the most recognisable symbols of luxury in the world. For the women’s formal attire, we find classic-cut suits in wool, silk georgette crew-neck shirts, and smart navy-blue leather pumps.

The collaboration between two of Italy’s most famous luxury brands seems so obvious it’s a wonder it has taken this long.  This particular collaboration represents the meticulous blending and consideration of so many different elements to be able to tell one consistent story over two entirely different disciplines – the mechanics, the technical, the race-driving, the events it all revolves around, the sport itself, combined with everything involved in fashion design had to be crafted into one coherent theme to feel authentic and unforced to the wider public. The unification of all of these elements also had the added benefit of allowing supremely creative minds to promote Italian opulence and design with one ‘face’ to the rest of the world.

Today, more than ever, we need to pull together as a system to promote Italian excellence, creating a synergic dialogue among different disciplines. Ferrari is a world-renowned symbol of Italy, and I am proud of this collaboration. I have created an elegant wardrobe that the race drivers will wear during their travels, hoping that we can all get back moving, ready for the recovery of our country, all of us together. – Giorgio Armani.

Not only is this new collaboration bringing stylish formal attire, but it’s also coming with water-repellent outerwear for transfers and travelling. Sporty-cut trousers and polo shirts are important parts of the collection, as are the sweatshirts, a parka, and a two-button deconstructed jackets. The world is about to experience a Ferrari team who have just had serious makeover of their wardrobes.  Not only will they be racing in style on the circuits, they’ll now also be the team to compete with in the style stakes off the circuits and beyond.

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