17th August 2022

Giorgio Armani – The GA Handbag

The new accessory of desire for the winter. By Laurelle Laryea

For AW22, Giorgio Armani presented a 1930s Art Deco inspired collection featuring minimalist geometry and abstract decorativism, accented by the rustle of beads and the twinkle of crystals.  In a show held in silence, in solidarity with war-ravaged Ukraine, silvery lights and a rich palette represented a flicker of respite.  Characterised as ‘Deco-Mania’ in the press release, the collection, Signs of Light, channelled the ‘linearity, rarefaction and the undoubted modernity’ of the famous artistic movement.  This is also where the lustrous nouveau style of the GA handbag made its worldwide debut.

The Art Deco movement was an indirect reference to a hodgepodge of aesthetics that streamlined their most basic elements to invent a new style.  It also saw rare and aspirational luxury elements like lacquer become accessible.  The style juxtaposed machine-made symmetrical elements with decorative hand-crafted motifs.  While the AW22 runway was similarly refined and dignified, it was not devoid of energy.  The debutante GA handbag took gilding and luxury and made it playful, personal and contemporarily modern.  The drawstring pouch style and bespectacled visage graphic outlined with crystal beads on the front telegraphed its humour and irreverence from a mile away.


In an interview in 2019, Mr. Armani spoke about the importance of light as an element to guide the eye towards details and features.  The glimmering portrait on the GA bag, one of Giorgio Armani’s iconic motifs, is whimsical while elegant.  But it’s also a handbag that combines function and personal character with geometrical form and abstract ornamentation.  The silhouette is clean and simple, and works as a perfect canvas to the artistry it presents.  The monochromatic colourway, a black base with either a silver or blue portrait outline, renounces superfluity without compromising personality or creativity.  The GA handbag is the perfect accessory for the imminent arrival of the ‘Jazz Age’ vibe of the post-pandemic, new world social scene.



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