8th May 2020

#FutureCasting pt 3 – Fashion Model, Kendall Visser

The third in our names to watch in modeling for the near future. Words and images by Eva Daang

Our next member of the THE FALL’s futurecasting alumni is Californian girl (via the desert – kinda), Kendall Visser.  Miss Visser is another model that was just bubbling under before the advent of Coronavirus on the world.  Due to her spectacular long limbs, her contemporary take on the ‘all-American girl’ look and an exquisitely dimpled chin, it’s really unlikely that her ‘after’ will be the same as her ‘before’.

Fortunately, when that moment does come her family, who have been so instrumental in rounding out who she is as a person – it was her mother who first advised her to get into modelling while her dad keeps her head on straight with a ‘day job’ in the family company – are already the anchors any young woman would need to keep them grounded when the flashbulbs stop popping at the end of a long day.

It also doesn’t hurt to have one of the world’s cutest dogs as a pet.  If that sounds like hyperbole, click the Instagram link at the bottom of the page.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Kendall Visser and I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in Scottsdale and then my family moved to Newport Beach my senior year of high school.  I am currently in Newport with my family.

Tell us about your work and study.

I am a New York based model.  I am also a customer ambassador for my dad’s company, Cubex.  Cubex is a global provider of animal, medical, and dental healthcare products and services.  I’m currently not studying but I did finish four years of college at the University of Arizona with a major in Communications.

What have you been doing during lockdown?  Any tips for breaking up the boredom?

In quarantine I’ve been doing at home workouts, cooking, baking, and also scoping Spotify every day for new music.  Creating little ‘traditions’ is also been something I’ve been doing.  One tradition is, every day at 4pm my family does “Tea Time.”  We simply sit, drink tea, no phones, and eat fresh baked scones my mom bakes. I’ve also been watching a lot of masterclasses.  I’m really enjoying them because it pushed me to find enjoyment in new things.  I watched the Bobbi Brown masterclass and after I immediately went on Sephora and ordered a bunch of makeup just because I felt inspired.

Did anything special happen to you during the lockdown that you were not expecting?

The most special thing that happened that I did not expect was the quality family time. I am so grateful that I have had this time to be with my family because I usually only see them a few times a year.

How did you get you into the fashion industry?

I was laying out at my family’s country club pool in Arizona when I was 15.  All of a sudden a woman approached me and handed me her card.  She was a model scout.  I was shy and said I was not interested.  When I got home and showed the business card to my mom she told me I have to give it a try.  I gave it a try and realised it was what I really wanted to do.  I’m grateful to my mom for that.

What have been the best/most exciting jobs you have done so far?

One of my favourite jobs was doing a Christmas American Eagle Campaign with my brother, Neels.  It was so much fun to be on set together.  Another one of my favourite jobs was actually this past February in Lombok, Indonesia.  It was unlike any place I have ever been to. It was for a swimwear and lingerie campaign for a German brand called The New Yorker. It was shot all on film.  It was one of my favourite life experiences.

Is there anything specific coming up in the future you are looking forward to (career or otherwise)?

I’m looking forward to the day when it’s safe to travel the world again.  Traveling and exploring different cultures is my favourite thing to do.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I would say my style is very simple.  I love to wear pants, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt.  On occasion, especially when I am tanned, I love bright colours.  I’m also the type to wear a bikini all day and feel comfortable in that when I am home in California.

Who in the public eye (or fellow model) do you admire/want to emulate – either style or career?

There are so many people I look up to in this industry.  I honestly look up to every model out there. I think everyone has such unique vibes and paths.  I want to create my own path and I feel that I am inspired by everyone.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and why?

My favourite designers are Virgil Abloh and Miuccia Prada.  They are both so wonderfully creative and I feel that their personas shine in their work and inspire others.

Which designer would you most like to work with or do a catwalk show for?

I would love to do a catwalk show for Saint Laurent.


To see the full shoot with Kendall follow us on Instagram.

Model: Kendall Visser at The Lions Model Management.

Photographer: Eva Dang.

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