4th May 2020

#FutureCasting pt 2 – Fashion Model, Kayla Fitzgerald

THE FALL interviews the next model in the up elevator, Kayla Fitzgerald. Words and pictures by Eva Dang

To continue with our (admittedly non-binding) predictions of some of the names and faces from the catwalks we think will make the post-Covid, new fashion world their own this year we bring you a Californian with an extraordinary look, Kayla Fitzgerald.  ‘Fitz’, as she’s known, is another young model with an unusual edge to her beauty that tells a different story than the usual.  It all serves to elevate her to the rare level of ‘memorably striking’.  Once there’s that level of emotional response then you know there’s a career there to be watched carefully.

Apart from her unique look Fitz also has the head to match, with education and wider social issues occupying her time as much as the succession of cameramen and women.  So, before the relaxation of lockdown advice releases her like a coiled spring, we wanted to work around Coronavirus again for an impromptu remote digital shoot to get to know this natural future star a little better.

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Please introduce yourself.  Where are you originally from and where are you currently?

My legal name is Kayla Fitzgerald.  Though I’ve gone by Fitz for years, starting from the end of high school before entering college.  I played Volleyball the majority of my life and got recruited to play Division 1 in college, where the name ‘Fitz’ really took off.  I had two other teammates named Kayla so needless to say nicknames were needed.  I’m originally from Redlands, California but moved closer to the Palm Springs area two years ago where my immediate family resides.

What are your ambitions beyond modelling?

I currently model full-time but I recently also received my Master’s degree in Health Informatics in December.

What do you do in quarantine? Any tips for breaking  up the boredom?

I spend a lot of time cooking and making new recipes with my father.  I’ve also been focusing on bettering myself mentally and physically, embracing and confronting all the emotions that come with this journey.  I watch life coaching videos on YouTube, I read a lot, I journal anything new that I learn throughout my day, and I exercise frequently.

My tip for breaking up the boredom is to create daily to-do lists of no more than 3 items that involve one self-care action (i.e. watching one to two episodes of a show, take a nap, face masks, online shopping), one chore (i.e. cleaning bedroom), and one thing that could benefit someone else (i.e. calling my grandma or walking my dogs).

Did anything special happen to you during  the lockdown that you were not expecting?

Ironically, we’ve been getting closer to our neighbours, which was totally unexpected during a time like this.  We live in a newly developed neighbourhood and still hadn’t had the chance to get to know most families so the lockdown sped up that process.  Many of the residents are taking advantage of outdoor activities and exercise, which leads to passing by and communicating with other neighbours that are doing the same – all while respecting physical distancing of course!

How did get you into modeling?

I reached out to my current mother agency, Willow Models, in the summer of 2017, then went through the scouting process and signed shortly after.

What are the best/most exciting jobs you have done so far?

There are many jobs!  One, in particular, was getting the opportunity to shoot for Moncler in Chile.  I had never been to South America prior to the job and I hope to visit there again once the pandemic is over.

Is there anything specific coming up in the future you are looking forward to (career or otherwise)?

I’m looking forward to doing more modeling work and reuniting with friends and family in person again once it’s deemed safe to do so.  I’m also look forward to the healthy changes that will derive from this current pandemic on an environmental and societal level.

How would you describe your own personal style?

It’s tricky because it fluctuates depending on my mood, but I would describe it as androgynous overall.


Who in the public eye (or fellow model) do you admire/want to emulate – either style or career?

I admire many!  There are some that I have met and/or worked with such as Flaviana Matata, Ebonee Davis, Akon Changkou, Jill Kortleve, and many others that I have and haven’t met or worked with.  There’s something so unapologetically authentic and raw about the ones I mentioned that inspire me to continue to be my truest self.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and why?

Tough question… I like a lot… Jacquemus, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Virgil Abloh, Rihanna, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon from Kenzo.  I feel that their designs fit my aesthetic/style.

Which designer would you most like to work with or do a catwalk show for?

Another toughie!  I’d say Jacquemus right now.

Are there any other hobbies you like to do?

I still enjoy playing Volleyball, cooking, and writing.  I’m interested in taking on new hobbies as well!


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Model: Fitz at The Lions Model Management.

Photographer: Eva Dang.

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