29th April 2020

#FutureCasting pt 1- Fashion Model, Liselotte Wilbrink

THE FALL introduces Liselotte Wilbrink as a new name to look out for on the catwalks. Words and pictures by Eva Dang

We’re all currently waiting for the moment when official advice frees us to live our lives normally again.  And it feels like it’s been a lifetime already.  Particularly when it comes to fashion.  It’s an industry that thrives on interaction, collaboration and ideation.  Fortunately, we’re also living in an era of unprecedented digital freedom that has managed to take some of the edge off socially distancing during a global pandemic.  While lockdown is a necessary drag, it doesn’t mean we can’t project ourselves ahead and look forward to much happier and productive times in the very near future.

So, THE FALL is future-casting – making a few (non-binding) predictions on who or what has the potential to take the post-Covid, new fashion world by the lapels and really shake things up.  Our first future-cast is new young Dutch fashion model Liselotte Wilbrink.  She has the personality, the potential and the cheek-bones to blow up on the other side.  Those unique features and bee-stung, original version Bridget Bardot lips don’t hurt either.  Naturally, we couldn’t shoot with Liselotte but photographer Eva Dang worked her digital magic remotely to capture these shots in a new style of shoot that’s helping to fill a temporary gap in our lives.

See the full shoot on Instagram (see foot of page).

Hello Lise.  Please introduce yourself.

My name is Liselotte and I am Dutch. I am from a pretty place called Leiden, which is a small village located in The Netherlands, the land of Cheese and Tulips, haha! So, currently I am living there and spending my time in a very big home with 13 other girls, who all still study. I am studying Arts, Media and Society at the University in Leiden.

Any tips for breaking up the boredom during a lockdown? 

It is kind of hard to keep yourself busy, but I’m surprised that I am doing great. I’m mostly exercising, reading, drawing and having fun with my roommates and on top of that I still have my online study classes that are a lot of work, so I am keeping myself quite busy.  I’m also spending time with my boyfriend a lot and we take a lot of walks in the park, but of course while practicing social distancing. My tips would be to really spend time on yourself, read, do yoga, exercise, make a nice dinner for yourself and FaceTime a lot of your friends, family and loved ones. Picking up an old hobby like painting is also a nice way to spend your time!

How did get you into the industry to become a fashion model?

I got into the fashion industry because of my agent Nicolo Tonetto who scouted me on Instagram.

What are the best/most exciting jobs you’ve done so far? 

I think the best and most exciting things so far all include traveling to or being in very beautiful places. My job gives me the opportunity to travel the world and that is super cool. I went to Ischia, an Italian Island and had a swimming campaign there. The surroundings were magical with pretty beaches and people and the food was amazing too! Another cool one is when I flew to shoot a campaign in Rome at a very beautiful old Italian hotel.

Is there anything specific coming up in the future you are looking forward to (career or otherwise)? 

Because the future is very uncertain now, I do not have anything in particular yet, but I am very excited to go back to my normal life again. I am looking forward to the summer, to travelling and to living my life to the fullest once it’s all possible again.  A very big part of that is working again but until then I am staying positive and working on myself.

How would you describe your own personal style? 

That is a tricky question, because it varies a lot. One day I am kind of a tomboy and the other day I really like to dress girly. I love wearing baggy jeans with a white top and sneakers, but I also love a beautiful long dress. It all depends on my mood and the weather of course. Even though I do not come outside for unnecessary things right now, I do dress up every morning because it keeps me happy and I feel productive when getting dressed.

Who in the public eye (or fellow fashion model) do you admire/want to emulate – either style or career?

A beautiful woman that I look up to is Doutzen Kroes, she’s from the Netherlands and she is known worldwide. I think I am inspired by the way she lives her life; her healthy lifestyle but also how she spends time with her family and loved ones. Besides all that she looks stunning (always!!) and she has a great sense of style. Her style is chic but very casual and I really like that.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and why?

One of my favourite fashion designers would be Jacquemus.  I loved his show last season with the neutral colours and showing off skin. The pieces look very effortless and yet they are very detailed and pretty.  Also, Chanel, because they always know how to make pieces timeless, their pieces are made with such technique and they always look so chic. I also really love Celine, I think they change styles and make certain things look different than normal and I really appreciate that a lot.

Which designer would you most like to work with or do a catwalk show for?

That is a hard question but for me I think I would LOVE to work for Chanel. I think it fits me because they are so chic and their shows are absolutely amazing. They always make an event of their shows and I would love to be a part of it. Who wouldn’t want to walk in a beautiful French building with a makeshift River Seine?!


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Model: Liselotte Wilbrink at Premier Models

Photographer: Eva Dang


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