27th November 2020

Fendi x K-Way – Roma Holiday Capsule Collection

Fendi teams up with K-Way to keep you warm and dry this winter

There are a lot of considerations that go into a collaboration where fashion meets functionality.  For a luxury fashion brand the all-important question of market positioning is paramount.  Next comes the creative analysis – something that might seem like a good idea on paper may come unstuck when it’s realised in the real world.  Fortunately for iconic Italian fashion house Fendi and French waterproof clothing brand K-Way, their recent collaboration on a new capsule collection ticks all the right boxes.

Since 1965 K-Way has been making stylish but functional coated nylon apparel designed to protect their customers from the elements of the oftentimes harsh French winters.  Functionality came with the ability to neatly fold away their jackets when the sun returned, leading to a kind of ‘pocket wardrobe’ phenomenon that established K-Way as the market leader.  Fendi was born forty years before K-Way and between them both they have 95 years of history to pour into this new collaboration – just in time for the looming chilly and wet weather.

The collection consists of pieces for men, women and kids that are all based in the cool urban appeal K-Way is known for mixed with Fendi’s high fashion sensibilities.  Lightweight, slate grey windbreakers are embellished with Fendi’s instantly recognisable ‘double F’ logo.  Oversized scarves are emblazoned with the Fendi Roma labels big enough to be seen from space.  There’s even a touch of the truly opulent where nylon is combined with an FF logo printed on mink fur in brown – seen in the lining of jackets, front and centre on both the men’s and women’s the bomber jackets and – perhaps most unusual of all – for the women’s slippers.  All in all, it’s almost enough to make you wish for inclement just so you have a valid excuse to pull their new wardrobe out of your pocket.


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