18th January 2021

Fendi Women’s and Mens S/S2021 Campaign

Fendi paints pretty pictures for their new summer campaign. By Carolina Anzalone

The new Fendi women’s and wens S/S2021 campaign by Silvia Venturini Fendi is presented with a completely different mood and atmosphere compared to what we’ve been experiencing over the last year.  Lightness and airiness fight back against the heavy shroud that has been typical of recent months around the world.  Pastel shades, bold colours and ghostly visions are melded together by Fendi and photographer Nick Knight and harmoniously framed within their version of a painting by the old masters.  The choice is a reference to the architecture of the Palazzo Della Civiltà Romana, which sits between the blue of the sky and the sumptuousness of Rome.  Despite this decision, the collection also includes references to everyday life inspired by its creation during the first lockdown.

The warmth that radiates from the campaign images comes as a consequence of the lightness of the fabrics and the ‘sweetness’ of the colour palette, dominated by natural shades and enriched by touches of brilliant colours such as sky-blue and the cardinal red.  There’s also an obvious romanticism in the pictures “painted” by Knight for this campaign.  Here he was almost able to recreate paintings that remind us of the Impressionism of Claude Monet’s Water Lilles and Edgar Degas‘ Ballet Dancers.  Through Knight’s lens you can almost feel the smooth sensations and the warm breeze that caresses the fresh floating curtains in the room.

The evanescent scenarios are also enriched with light and shadow play, creating a ‘digital window’ that reveals a glimpse of the outside world.  It’s a campaign that poetically evokes a traditional and familiar home, especially in the choice of elements such as the classic wooden chair and the newly unmade bed.  The hyperreal yet blissful environment is emphasised by models such as Mariacarla Boscono, Jill Kortleva, Estelle Chen, Henry Kitcher, and Chun Soot effortlessly accentuating the craftsmanship of each garment.

This beautiful artistic collaboration between Venturini Fendi and Knight has created a unique campaign that blends feeling, colour and poetry by using Fendi’s aspirational aesthetic and elegance as the paint brushes.  We all need a touch of lightness in our lives at the moment and Nick Knight’s images leave us thinking that maybe now is the time to breathe.


Watch the full campaign video for the Fendi women’s and mens S/S2021 campaign at THE FALLtv.

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