18th December 2019

Fendi Pre-Fall 2020

Silvia Venturini Fendi dips into the recent past for an exciting near future for her namesake brand

Here’s a term that will become a key watchword for the Fendi Pre-Fall 2020 collection: quilted.  The design made numerous guest appearances throughout a show that took place in what could only be described as a seventies version of a futuristic airport lounge.  That wasn’t where the seventies influence ended either.  Cute baby doll dresses and knee-high boots with stacked block heels evoked images of Anita Pallenberg and Peggy Lipton in their heydays.

Greys, ranging from the light grey of a simple quilted cardigan to the strong slate grey of the pleated midi skirts and quilted mini skirts, was a colour not to be denied – matched as it was by the entirety of the show’s surroundings.  It just made the other colours pop on the eyeballs even more when they came.  The playfully transparent lime green mini dresses with the voluminous sleeves looked made to be worn with the neutral coloured knitted halter top and briefs set worn underneath.

Outfits like the extraordinary tailored coat with pleated shoulders stood out in a rich, checked, red wine colour against the monochrome canvas.  Especially when teamed with a front button midi skirt, blouse and an infamous Fendi Baguette in the same exquisite colour.

And still the trip down fashion memory lane continued with the military style, double-breasted, mustard corduroy long coat, sporting giant lapels and cinched at the waist with a wide Fendi belt.  Even better was when the material was used for the fun min-dresses that puffed at the shoulders for a slightly exaggerated silhouette.  Fendi’s royal navy blue took on an otherworldly quality when it was used for the amazing suede jumpsuit, quilted sleeveless cape coat or evening dress crowned by sheer black tulle.  Everywhere you looked there were exciting stories being told and new textures and silhouettes to discover.  One of the standout highlights came with the floor length ball gown, also in navy blue, that featured a daring ‘V’ all the way down to the navel and extravagantly puffed sleeves.

It suited the mood of the collection perfectly – simple and yet impossibly glamorous and beautifully made.  Everything everyone should expect every time from a Fendi collection.


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