6th November 2019

Family Affair – Fendi Peekaboo + Catherine Zeta-Jones

Fendi teams up with two generations of one Hollywood dynasty

Families share most things.  But when it comes to mothers and daughters it can be a relationship impossible to fathom – for men anyway.  Fathers and sons may share things like football, fishing or cars but it would be almost impossible to find any who shared their clothes.  For (the right) mothers and daughters that can be so natural as to be damn-near instinctive.  That’s the well Fendi are drawing from with the latest instalment of their Peekaboo bags series starring Hollywood royalty Catherine Zeta-Jones and her 16-year-old doppelgänger daughter, and fashion icon in the making, Carys.

The new Fendi clip finds Catherine and Carys meeting up in Rome, the birthplace of founders Adele and Edoardo Fendi and spiritual home of the company that bears their name.  Now, when you look good and feel good in Rome what else is there to do but dance?  Whether it’s under the colonnade of Palazzo Altemps or among the statues of Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana (next to Fendi HQ), the sunshine is seen to bring them both alive.  Or maybe it’s just a universal reaction whenever anyone hears the driving beat of Mary J. Blige’s classic B-Boy neck-snapper, Family Affair?

Whatever their motivations, it’s also noticeable just how easily the Peekaboo bags they’re carrying – from XS size for Carys to the larger versions for Big Momma – fit any contemporary woman’s life with ease.  The subtle yet distinctive ‘logo-no-logo’ patterns on the bags (called Pequin) sits perfectly equidistant between their throughly modern owners and the beautiful old-world heritage of the Rome location.  Everything slots into place like a jigsaw puzzle and suddenly we all desire Fendi’s finished picture.

On a side note: we have no idea what the future holds for Carys, nor what her own personal ambitions are, but we’re quite comfortable going out on a limb here and saying we don’t think it will be too long before we see her staring out at us from a giant billboard or from some amazing double page fashion campaign in a magazine.  We have no basis for that predication so just call us the fashion prophets and remember where you heard it first.


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