21st October 2022

ERDEM Holiday Collection

Harriet Taylor looks forward to the party season with the new ERDEM collection

Described as an ‘joyous ode to revelry,’ ERDEM’s new Holiday collection is a treat for the eyes, with a brash femininity sculpted in sequins and metallics, and dressed in a colour palette of gemstone aquamarines and magentas.  For designer Erdem Moralıoğlu, these are the clothes for woman likely to be in the spotlight over the event season.

Simultaneously formal and flirtatious, the collection compromising of 14 dresses – ranging from knee-baring organza cocktail looks to classically draped evening gowns of metallic lace. The story spoke to a revival of Roaring Twenties fashion aesthetics and the aristocratic air of the Bright Young Things.

Shot against the darkly lit backdrop of London’s night streets, the cast are the new socialites, returning from a party and seemingly caught in the flashes of unseen cameras.  Enigmatic and indefatigable, and wearing party frocks with Wellington-style boots, they march to their own particular beat of feminine yet bolshie cosmopolitan styling.

The gowns speak to a luxury and affinity for craftmanship, with hand-cut organza echoing the bohemian inspiration is juxtaposed against the slick hand-embroidered crystal detailing adorning many of the designs.  An updated take on the floral beading often seen in the Twenties is brought to modern life through repeating ‘vine’ prints on the Bette and Garnet dresses, and further reimagined in hand-cut floral threadwork appliqued onto the Tabetha and Nella dresses.

Most eye-catching of all are the lurex creations that stun in all their sumptuous drapery and statuesque silhouettes.  It’s these classical references that nod to the inspiration of a new freedom of movement, and the break away from the corseted Edwardian era that preceded it.

Capturing the nuanced and constantly changing attitudes of the Bright Young Things of 2022 is no easy feat, but ERDEM has channelled a bountiful era of creative references and striking imagery at exactly the perfect time.


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