25th October 2022

Emporio Armani Sustainable Collection AW22

Charlotte Lewis looks at the new winter collection from the Italian House

Emporio Armani’s new AW22 collection combines sustainability with (literally) cool ‘big chill’ apparel to create the perfect arctic storm for the winter.  Apart from the aesthetic pleasures, one of the main goals behind the collection was to make sure each piece had as negligible an impact on the environment as possible.  The Italian fashion House developed new textures and prints from scraps, reclaimed materials and recycled fabrics to underscore these noble intentions – and combat the cold.

The range features branded graphic ice cube motifs of cold blues and frosty whites on coats, hats and reversible jackets.  Puffer padding – the favoured winter staple – features heavily throughout the collection, as do as peacoats and pullovers, and chunky hats and scarves.  Made for men, women and kids, it’s the kind of collection to make sure you won’t get the actual ‘big chill’ on the slopes or from anyone in the clubhouse.

The colour palette sweeps from red, neutral, grey and brown, with the stark blue and white camouflage print resembling close-ups of crushed ice rather than jungle foliage.  Translucent recycled nylon, warm heavy cloths, organic cottons, ultra-soft velvet and twill, washed fleece and American jersey are among the materials used to reduce waste, while the patchworking seen on trousers and jackets maximises usage.

The watches and eyewear accessories that accompany the collection further underline the sustainability credentials Emporio Armani are striving for this season.   Bio-based, recycled materials of certifiable origin are the base on which everything is created.  Distinctive watches are made from at least 50% recycled steel and #tide ocean material®, while the eyewear employs bio-nylon for the frames and about 40% bio-materials for the lenses.

The collection gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘style conscious.’  Everything runs parallel to signature EA aesthetics, whilst also delivering a subtle new message.  Emporio Armani’s AW22 represents winter fashion of the future at its finest, and how consideration for the environment doesn’t have to mean compromise.


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