27th September 2022

Giorgio Armani SS23 – Milan Fashion Week

Charlotte Lewis reviews the new collection at MFW

In an illuminating tale of continuity, optimism and passion, Giorgio Armani SS23 at Milan Fashion Week – Fil d’Or – was a beautifully simple expression of a summer to come.

Every look was carefully considered, with the palette of each outfit becoming progressively lighter and brighter in a visual Doppler effect on the catwalk.  Soft creams and bright blues featured throughout the collection, all lit up with the golden threads of the title to further connect the pieces.  To add to the effect, the cast were adorned with chunky silver and gold necklaces and other accessories to reflect the light and beat back the shadows of the darkened show space.

Vivid purples and ink blues became a recurring subtext throughout the collection, mirroring colours found in the materials and textiles of the East.  This theme was subtly reflected in the bamboo canes lining the catwalk and the mandala motifs seen in the swathes of silk prints.  Sari and Abaya influences nodded to traditional dress styles in an allusion to culture and spirituality.  Fluid shapes and opulent textures were made to embrace the female form, not simply just cover it.

Elsewhere, flowing fabrics, sandy tones and long silhouettes came through like rolling sand dunes in the desert, while light duster coats, sarouel trousers and ethereal skirts created an airy and weightless calm to the story that was unfolding.  The final chapter came with the delicate flat sandals and shoes that complemented trousers, skirts and dresses, and added the perfect simple touch to the overall narrative of easy glamour.

Inevitably for the legendary Italian fashion House, everything felt classic, contemporary, comfortable and creative at one and the same time.  And the longer we studied exquisite cuts and precise detailing, the clearer it became – the Giorgio Armani SS23 collection won’t be a mirage when we see it everywhere on our streets next summer.


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