2nd July 2019

Dynasty – by Jeremy Scott for Moschino A/W19

You can always - always - rely on Moschino to make you smile while being ultra fashionable

Like a lot of mad genius’s Moschino’s creative director, Jeremy Scott, knows exactly where the cultural beats are in society.  Even then, how to use those beats, and when to use them, still requires the kind of skill that can only be gained through a little experience and a lot of natural intuition.  Combining all of those elements is not as easy as it may first sound.  There are a lot of ways to get it wrong and end up with egg all over your face.

A good example of getting it really right is when Scott designed a capsule collection in conjunction with the video game The Sims earlier in the year (main image).  Designing clothes that made the wearer look like computer generated avatars from The Sims world was innovative enough.  But also having Moschino branded items available for computer avatars to wear inside the game itself as part of that collaboration is where the genius part shows up.  Unless anyone can think of a better way of getting your brand in front of 200 million captive potential customers worldwide.

For A/W19 Scott teams up with über director/photographer Steven Meisel to mine pop culture once again to bring us a delicious teaser of the campaigns to come for the new season.  If the familiarity nags at you while watching the clip below then just remember the names Krystal Carrington, Blake Carrington and, of course, Alexis Colby.  And as you’re smiling to yourself also remember, it’s not a bad way to keep a brand name in your head, is it?  The best thing about it is, like all good soap operas, there are more episodes to follow soon!


Watch the clip at THEFALLtv.

Find out more about Moschino here.

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