25th January 2023

dunhill AW23

The contemporary British heritage brand enters a new era for AW23

In the midst of all the fashion weeks hoopla, it would be remiss not to turn an appreciative gaze to the recently released dunhill AW23 collection currently elbowing its way onto the scene.  Behind the scenes at the brand itself there have recently been a number of pieces shifting on the chessboard, but what will never change is the sharp modern/contemporary menswear silhouettes it has always been synonymous with.

For its 130th anniversary year, dunhill delivers to us an ‘ode to classicism’ – a love letter to classic English tailoring with a nod to the future.  Pristine two-button single-breasted suits with refined but easy contours dance right on the edge of business and pleasure.  The coats and jackets complement the tailoring by offering the same smooth forms and clean lines to allow whole looks to slot together like a sumptuous luxury jigsaw puzzle.

To enhance the modernist aesthetic of the collection, the colour palette graduates from navy blues, deep blacks and slate greys, with hints of browns and greens to keep the eyes busy.  The obvious London-centric sensibility to the all-over styling comes as a consequence of the talents of the long-serving design team based right in the heart of the big city.  Developing from that is the care taken throughout dunhill’s new narrative to source not only fabrics and patterns but also inspiration from British mills across the country.

“To wear a dunhill suit today is to embody the values of the House,” says new company CEO Laurent Malecaze.  “It’s the appreciation of the expert care and craft invested in each piece.  We have a responsibility to create collections that are not only beautiful but endure seasons and trends.”  This has been the ethos that has always underscored the Houses’ creative DNA since its very beginnings in the late 19th century.  As such, the dunhill winter collection is here to continue that story well into the 21st century.



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