27th January 2021

Diesel’s Chinese New Year

The Year of the Ox gets a Diesel makeover

While we were all really – really – glad to see the back of 2020, the new year still brought with it the same old baggage.  In a sense, 2020 effectively ‘infected’ 2021.  Only this time we can see the light at the end of the tunnel to give us hope.  However, for some of us last year hasn’t ended.  Chinese New Year falls on February 12th in the western calendar and Diesel has decided to mark the occasion with a special capsule collection inspired by the coming Chinese Year of the Ox.

The new collection is grounded in contemporary, urban styles mixed in with a little baseball Americana.  The baseball jacket with the legends ‘BRAVE’ and ‘CNY 2021’ boldly appliquéd down each sleeve, on a base that could almost be mistaken for an arm full of tattoos, immediately sets the tone for everything else to follow.  You can almost see the Cyberpunk coming.  And to commemorate the Year of the Ox we find an Oxen Zodiac motif running through the entire collection as the thread linking all the pieces together.  Everywhere you look there are also injections of stand-out colours – the bubblegum pink baseball cap or the purple grape, cute leather handbag for example.

But, our favourite look has to go to the knee-length, denim pencil skirt with the waist-to-hem front zip and the absolutely on fire knee-length denim boots.  The combination of the two pieces creates a fantastic and sleek silhouette that provides great balance to the much more slouchy, but equally desirable, voluminous, floor-length stone-wash denim skirt worn under the black, overlong hoodie.  While these are all great things to look at (and wear), one of the other attractions of Diesel’s Chinese New Year collection is not actually something you can physically see.  The brand’s most responsible denim styles, D-KRASS  and D-RIFTY, are treated with 50% fewer chemicals and use 40% less water during the manufacturing process than the previous standard.  Not a bad bonus to find between the sofa cushions.

Look good, feel good, do good.  Perhaps we should all reset to February 12th and start our new year that way too.


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