26th November 2020

Diesel Holiday 2020 Collection

Diesel's new holiday collection is a prologue of things to come in 2021

Like everyone else in the known world, denim brands have had a hard 2020 – particularly as they, more so than the designer fashion brands, have relied on footfall through the door of their retail outlets to sell the volumes they have been used to.  The near apocalyptic nature of 2020 has not helped the the new outlook and repositioning that the Diesel brand has been undertaking this year.  After some tough times in the market over the last few years Diesel has been on something of a resurgence since 2019 and in October they announced the appointment of Glenn Martens as creative director to oversee all aspects of the brand’s continued repositioning back to a premium denim brand focusing on their actual denim offerings.

Martens made his name as a designer for Paris’s super-funky independent fashion label Y/Project – a role he will continue in as he re-imagines Diesel in his own image, and a pedigree like that is a giant signpost for the direction the brand will be heading in going forward.  Martens’ first collection will probably be with us later next year but in the meantime this new outlook can be seen in the new Diesel Holiday 2020 collection for 2020/21.  The first thing to notice here is the campaign for the new collection takes on a much more contemporary and artistic tone befitting a premium brand.  70s style wallpaper patterns and bathroom tiles never looked so good!

Locations and settings aside, it’s the clothes on the models that make the campaign what it is.  New Diesel underwear for both men and women punctuate throughout to make sure there’s no mistaken identity.  Beautiful oversized quilted coats in denim blue, chunky knit sweaters, chainmail print dress shirts and high-waisted leather shorts with prominent diagonal zips on the front are just some of the new looks to turn heads this (virtual?) party season.  While the jackets that come in a range of colours from fluorescent blue to deep-space black (complete with graphic prints and logos) threaten to steal the show, it’s the jeans themselves that are the icing on this particular cake.

The silhouette of the wide-legged flared jeans are dramatic in themselves but the bell-bottomed skinny jeans are even better.  The workers style jeans with the paint splatters and uneven finish are set to be contemporary classics and the crushed deep purple jeans would have made Prince a Diesel fan this winter.  If this is a sign of things to come under new creative direction from Diesel then it’s probably safe to say, we ain’t seen nothing yet.


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