8th July 2020

Diesel Pre-Fall 2020

Diesel is back with a cool collection for the autumn that doesn't take itself too seriously

In fashion there’s perhaps nothing more ‘go-to’ than denim.  Even the little black dress comes a distant second to that always handy favourite pair of jeans when you’re in a tight spot.  It’s the reason why denim wear companies are some of the biggest businesses in fashion.  Who doesn’t have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe?  So when a company like Diesel launches a new collection it’s wise to sit up and take notice, even if it’s just to see what other denim brands will be taking inspiration from shortly thereafter.  For the Diesel pre-fall 2020 collection modern urban living is the foundation on which the designs are conceived.  More premium ‘laid-back’ wear than casualwear, the subtle design cues throughout hint at a familiarity that underwrites the whole collection, as opposed to well-worn tropes simply striving for accessibility.

The world famous standard blue denim has been re-interpreted in Diesel’s own unique style for the autumn.  Jackets and jeans might carry text graphics in contrast white or alternatively incorporate full ankle-to-thigh zips on the jeans or zipped sleeves on the jackets with panels of acid yellow flourishes added for good measure.  Over-long denim skirts and men’s jeans are enhanced with tribal tattoo motifs and when it’s not the graphic prints that are making heads turn it’s the silhouettes drawn that does the trick instead.  Generously flared jeans with twisted inseams introduces a new yet familiar shape that’s modernised by teaming it with Diesel’s bold, logo bra and underwear combinations.  Fringed denim skirts take on new life with exaggerated asymmetric hems.  Even the mini-dresses are permanently accessorised with septum rings sewn into the side seams.

Beyond the denim pieces other influences begin to make themselves known.  Hippy-chic is represented in the tie-dyed bohemian knits and men’s t-shirts.  Tartan checks in black, white and acid yellow dominates blouse and long skirt combinations. Ultra-modern black mesh tops have logos and badges strategically placed to provide a little bit of modesty for the more daring among us.  And the mixed fabric trompe-l’œil jackets, as well as the zipped tops and hoodies, carry distorted logos and slogans to add a little intrigue to the interest.  Taking a step back and looking at the collection in its entirety it quickly becomes obvious that this is a clear marker for Diesel’s competitors in the market that says, “your move.”  The question is: who’s going to be brave enough to accept the challenge?


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