9th June 2020

Chanel Cruise 2020/21

Chanel launches their new Mediterranean inspired Cruise collection for 2020/21

There’s a period in recent history appropriately dubbed the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’.  It was a period represented by screen icons like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren being photographed at the glamorous beaches and swanky hotels of the French and Italian Riviera.  In truth, they were just as likely to be there filming a movie as being on vacation, but the whole ambience those luxurious, soft-filtered scenes evoked came to define a particular moment in entertainment history.  The Chanel Cruise 2020/21 collection aims to recapture that moment with pieces designed for easy yet chic living in the sunshine and by the sea.

Initially I had Capri in mind, where the show was supposed to take place, but it didn’t happen in the end because of lockdown.  So we had to adapt: not only did we decide to use fabrics that we already had, but the collection, more generally, evolved towards a trip around the Mediterranean… the islands, the scent of the eucalyptus, the pink shades of the bougainvillea.” – Virginie Viard, creative director, Chanel.

The small pieces and lightweight fabrics are perfect for weekend bags and vacation suitcases while losing none of that instant, but still subtle, Chanel recognisability.  Apart from the famous interlocking Cs on things like the espadrille sliders, pocketbooks and the occasional belt, it’s the design cues that people will have to rely on to ‘name that house,’ so to speak.  The signature round-necked collar-less jackets, or the unmistakable Chanel checked weave seen throughout, are the signposts that the more observant will have to follow.  Even if anyone were to miss those signs, the tailoring should be another clue to the quality on offer.  The short and long-sleeved, lightweight safari suits in the ‘pink shades of the bougainvillea’ Viard reminisced so lovingly about makes them perfect for Riviera hopping.

Those pink and terracotta shades add a real ‘flamenco’ element to pieces like the heavily frilled slip dress, yet add a decidedly hippy chic when used as patchwork for denim jeans.  Black and white still holds firm in the glamour stakes, however.  Artic white ensembles – cute mini-dresses, fun skirt suits, long sexy dresses and cropped tops – seem designed with maximum sun ray refection in mind.  But it’s the ink black outfits in the collection that make a definite bid for standard summer nights wardrobe.  If your world allows you some glamorous travel this year Chanel has you set.  If not, this is a collection capable of bringing a little bit of Riviera living directly to you – no matter where you are.


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